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John Boyd

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    John Boyd
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    Ventex Technology
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    Jupiter, FL
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    Golf, RVing, Lighting, Power Supplies

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    1440 W. Indiantown Road
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    Electronic Neon Power Supplies, VenBrite LED System
  1. Take care of yourself and be careful. Keep us advised when you get power back. Our thoughts will be with you.
  2. It was selling great, but unfortunately, the high powered mossfet we were using was discontinued. There was an alternate, but my VP Engineering wouldn't use it (QC reasons), so a complete redesign was required. From design, prototypes, field testing thru UL would have been probably 35 to 50 weeks and many, many $$$$$, so we decided to stop selling the product. The last ones (with parts I already had) were just shipped out about a month ago to our distributors. Guess we'll have to use LED's for box signs now. John Boyd Hey while your on here what happened to the ventex electronic HO ballasts? I really liked those
  3. Ventex offers a full line of electronic neon power supplies for both indoor and outdoor and has a 12 kV indoor, in either dimming or regular. You can visit our web site at www.ventextech.com and we sell thru two distributors in Atlanta that probably have them in stock. Call me at 1-800-510-5400 if questions. John Boyd
  4. I really like the forum, but purposely limit my input as I do not want to appear to be pushing my products. I monitor it daily and if there is ever a question on neon that I can contribute to, I will jump in almost immediately, or answer questions that are asked directly of me. Unlike some of the others, I don't make signs, sell signs, or really want to. However, I do consider myself pretty much of an expert on power supplies for lighting, and want to contribute wherever I can, without appearing to push my products. Hope you understand my backseat approach. John Boyd Ventex Technology Onc.
  5. Yep, Ventex (& me) will definitely be there. Hope to see you all there. Stop by the booth and see what's new.
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