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  1. I have all the licenses and certifications just like the Union has. I work any place I want to. I work anytime I want to. I answer to no one. I am located in Brooklyn NY..I work in New York City everyday without any issues. I work with every Union except the sign union. Over 60 posts and still haven't seen any real $$$$$. Master Sign Hanger, Rigger, Crane operator, NCCCO crane lic, Welding lic, Rigging foreman, OSHA 30, Fire guard and Torch lic, and I'm sure I am forgetting a few others.....You may want to update the Dept of Buildings because your missing a few on their website...
  2. Who will be the first to put their money where their mouth is???? How much do you pay your non union installers vs their union counterparts in your area?
  3. I have been a union member for 20 years and there are classes for every aspect of the sign industry available to me with the exception of painting and electrical because they are handled by other unions. I have more licenses and certifications than anyone else I know in any other construction trade, All of which are required to do work in NYC. Yes I do get paid a good wage and expect to get paid for my certs and knowledge. When you think about it the sign industry we do the job of several trades. If you had to hire individuals to do each job that one fabricator/installer can do you would need several men. There are plenty of men ready and willing to work, just not for peanuts. Just my east coast point of view.....anyone else????
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