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  1. Just remember one thing that holds true in this business, it always is “ you get what you pay for”
  2. Multi Cam Always has end of the year Deals to be had. They know this is when the pre-taxed money flows!
  3. We Did the Same I bought the Gerber 608 because I wanted there experience in the sign business knowledge, Bits , Speeds Feeds, service etc. but payed handsomely for it, It did not let us down by no means we just wore it out! We have the multi cams also 5x10 and the bigger one those machines rock!
  4. Interesting, I do know a whole sale production shop that use to use them, Ill call them up to see if they still do? and ask their opinion on the product. Mchenery Industries would of had it for at lease 20 yrs. Ed
  5. Just remember one thing tools are tools and you get what you pay for, Go with the company that's been in the market a long time! they well have the best support and knowledge of there equipment. Tools cost money and if you don't plan on making a lot of money with the Router as a tool 10-20-30 times 100,000 .00 don't buy one. Multi cam we chose because we could build the business on there product line.
  6. It is not cheep, kinda of a pain to get up to speed on but it works great, and it can run real time data on the shop production, kinda like gm assembly plant production.
  7. Matt, Depending on your shop size, "E2" is pretty good at all of the above, We got to big to keep track of the profits, labor cost and production times. "E2" takes a lot time to set up with your data, but if its done correctly its a wiz at quoting and all the data falls into place. ED
  8. I'd like to know what manufacturing Green process it takes to make a zillion led's -vs- glass tubing ? I'll bet its not so green. But who cares anyway?
  9. Frank, If your a sign guy I think you should stick with Axo or Mathews there supplied by your supplier. They will set you up with mixing stations, color maps, tech support, and product availability usually daily delivery's. You will then be using all the same mso data and products. The last thing most sign shops need is a Hodge podge of automotive finishes and all the components necessary to work with the many different products. This can be a local EPA problem unless you really know what your doing. Automotive suppliers can help you with cookers and disposal of waste, there clientele are vo
  10. Rocco, We at Sign Innovation have manufactured and Installed signage at malls in every state and Canada. It's in the thousands of locations. Every location is different depending on the local jurisdictions. We keep a spread sheet on every location. Its not uncommon to ask the mall personnel for advise, there the first people to ask. Then check with the local officials. and finally check with the stores general contractor. compare all of there answers because once you may think that you have all the permit bases covered, something can still pop up and hold up a store opening. I guess you need
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