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  1. Hey all, We have been messing around with a new video and was hoping to get some feedback. This just is a rough cut but I think it does a good job of communicating the concept. We are going to add some voice over elements and change the call to action but I think we are on the right track. Here you go... http://prosignrepair...ess.com/videos/ It is the first one at the top. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey all, I am thrilled to report that ProSignRepair.com has completed and published an Android app for spotting sign outages. Now, when you sign up, you can invite anyone you want to spot signs in your city using the free iphone OR Android app. You can invite as many Spotters as you want so empower your friends, family and employees to drive business to you. Imagine... crowd sourcing sign repair leads! Literally, see a sign that is out, pull out your smart phone, take a pic and stick a note on the door. Incredibly fast and efficient! In a general update... We have really been working hard to address everyone's issues, fix bugs, tweak the flow and dramatically improve the efficiency of the service. As with any new idea, there is a huge learning curve as we grow and improve. Some of the improvements include... 1. Removal of the strict Zip Code / Postal Code lists which were creating confusion and a slowdown in the site response. Now, as long as your Spotters are in the correct City / State the system will authorize and take the leads. This eliminates issues if the code list is inaccurate and is MUCH cleaner and quicker. 2. Elimination of the Zip Codes below the search results. Again, this was creating confusion and were not really as useful as I envisioned. Now, when you search for an available City you will get the map AND a link that takes you to Google's city boundary map. This let's you see exactly what geographic area the subscription covers. 3. The boundary map image can be screen captured (Alt PrtScn) and printed for your Spotters so they know their range. 4. The addition of the option to search by Zip Code makes it easier to do local searches as new users sign-up. 5. Version 2 of the iphone app has improved the visual interface (GUI), removed the specific Zip Code verification and improved the overall functionality. 6. The addition of the Android version of the mobile app for those Spotters with Android based phones. It has definitely been a wild few months and I look forward to getting more feedback from everyone.
  3. I have no frame of reference for Yesco's franchise system and so I am unable to comment to that. ProSignRepair.com is a brand new concept and website application (not a franchise) so I am still building some of the cool marketing things like Testimonial videos etc. If you are concerned about references perhaps you would be interested in the fact that I have a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL period so you can sign-up and give the whole thing a whirl for a month. There is absolutely no obligation, contract or hook. If you don't like the system or you feel it does not work for you then you can cancel anytime. The way I see it, it needs to be a valuable tool with incredible benefits for you. If it doesn't work then you shouldn't have to pay. Seems like a no-risk way to bump up some sales figures to me! Thanks for questions.
  4. Happy to have you aboard! I just ran a search and it looks like Toronto and Barrie are both still available. In order to secure those two cities you will need to Sign-Up Here. Step 1 is to run a search on the city that you want as your primary (I assume Toronto) and click the red button "Sign Up Now". That will take you to the page to put in your info, search for more cities to add to your list etc. It is on this page that you would add Barrie to your account. After you complete the sign-up the 30 Day trial period will start and you will have full access to the site and the iphone mobile app to go out and start rocking. I will send you out a couple of pads of sticky notes and from there you are free to use the system as much or as little as you want to see if it works for you. Your credit card will be charged after the 30 Days expires but if it is not a good fit or you don't like it for any reason you can easily cancel whenever you want. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Just a quick update to let folks know that we have expanded ProSignRepair.com access into Canada. It has been really awesome to get the positive response we are getting here in the states and the inquiries coming from Canada prompted a faster expansion than originally planned. Next on the list will be the UK, Australia & New Zealand. It is all very exciting and I just wanted to share... ... and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  6. Congratulations! You guys have worked hard for it.
  7. Thank you so much for your questions. Without knowing how you are setup I would tentatively say, yes, it could be a duplication. One of the key aspects of the website is that your potential customer can go to the website, see a photo & estimate for their sign and make a buying decision completely on their own. The lead and info is available online instantaneously when you use the mobile app and the end customer could be ordering the repair the next morning. We literally have shops checking their e-mail in the morning and getting orders for signs that were spotted the night before! As for who the spotters are, you are in charge of who you invite to be a spotter for you. One of the key aspects of the system is that you can send that invitation & access to all of your sales people, service techs, sub contractors or even friends and family. This is possible because we have made it very easy for anyone to get the key information into the system and stick a notice on the door. With you being a national presence, imagine being able to secure your major market cities and send an invitation to every sub you have in the area. They help you do night patrol and every time a sales comes through you simply forward the order on to the company you want to do the work. I think the key question would be is the potential duplication offset by how quickly your spotters can get info into the system for you and whether or not the fully automated sales approach works for you. Also, if it is worth anything to you, we are working on an added feature that might be perfect for how you operate. I plan to have an option available that you can turn on or off as you see fit. If you turn it on you will receive a pre-formatted e-mail that features the night photo of the sign, the info and an invitation to call to get their "Free Estimate". You will be able to print these off and mail them out as an additional marketing touch. Some folks simply respond better to a physical photo and letter rather than an invitation to visit a website. This is just one of the value added features that I would like to add to the site as we continue to progress & grow. Great questions!
  8. I think it was a legitimate question and concern. It's all good
  9. Absolutely, 100% correct! This is exactly the kind of shop and people that I am trying to attract. I believe that the folks who understand that a pro-active approach is a superior business strategy are ideally suited to signing-up. Right now the typical strategy is to go out and spot signs at night. You need to jot down the address, maybe take a photo and do a rough diagnosis from the ground for estimating. The next day you need to drive back out to drop off a card and try to sell the repair. Of course there are some potential issues... Do you want to spend the extra time & gas? Is the decision maker there? Will you need to make additional trips to track them down? Do they actually want their sign fixed? etc. There is the additional fact that only you (or one of your trained techs) can go and do this effectively because only you know what to look for and how to sell it. What I have done is create a system that gives you the power to consolidate 90% of this activity & time. When you spot a sign that is out you can get a photo, all of the basic info you need and notify the sign owner that they have a problem. If you use the iphone app (and soon the Android app) you can do this in about 60 seconds AND right on-site. Not only that but I have created it in such a way that you can invite your spouse, friends, employees etc to do the same and be confident that the information will be accurate. Every sign that they spot and put into the system is attributed to you. Every time a sign owner approves the repair the sale goes right to you. How much easier is it to sell when you freely present a customer with a photo of what their sign actually looked like the night before, the information about their specific sign, an idea on what might be wrong with it, a reasonable & plausible pricing range and a no-pressure easy way to ask for someone to come out and fix it? By no means do I claim to have invented some new marketing concept. What I HAVE created is an powerful, easy and systematized way to duplicate the marketing effort for maximum results. Cheers!
  10. No problem at all. In answer to your question, no, we do not have anything to do with the billing aspect of the projects. When you repair a sign you would bill them in whatever fashion is best for you. You don't need to report anything to the website and we have nothing to do with your collection procedures. I hope that helps alleviate any concerns you may have. Thanks!
  11. It is no problem at all and thank you very much for your thoughts. I'm afraid I don't completely understand how you consider the website a "middle man" but everyone has a perspective. The goal of the site is to help you get paid MORE but at the end of the day, if you don't believe that the website is delivering an overwhelming value then you absolutely should not give it a try. No harm and no offense on this end... and I'll still buy you a beer if you're ever in town
  12. Good question, the customer pays you directly for the work you perform. When the end customer clicks on the approval through the website an order gets sent directly to your e-mail so you can print it off, do your own invoice etc. You do the work and pay the bills so you get paid directly. We don't take a percentage or a finders fee or anything. Our business model is based on providing a dynamic and powerful connection tool between the sign owners who don't know their sign is broken and the guys who make their living repairing signs. Thanks!
  13. I don't understand the comment. Why wouldn't you get paid for your work?
  14. Alright, just to make sure I understand, you feel that the video commercial was not detailed enough to show all of the ins & outs of the idea? No problem at all and I can see your point. I felt that the overall concept was more involved than a 45 second video could really cover thoroughly but I also did not want to create a 5 minute documentary that nobody wanted to watch. For those who want a more detailed perspective you can click on the link at the top of the sign-up page where you can link to a downloadable PDF. The video, in combination with the downloadable PDF and the FAQ page answers pretty much every question I have seen so far. Is there something that you feel I haven't covered adequately or perhaps you have a specific question that I can help with? Happy to help!
  15. Yes indeed we do! I actively started promoting the site on a very limited basis a couple of weeks ago and we had shops take notice almost immediately. We have subscribers in multiple states already and have received inquires from Canada as well. Regarding Canada, we are currently working on the coding to incorporate the Canadian postal codes in order to expand. I will keep everyone posted on the progress. Concerning the concern about the video, could you be more specific? Are you referring to the video that shows the iphone app or the video on the website that shows the overall concept? Let me know and I will be happy to clarify and help. Thanks!
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