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  1. We just recently fired a number of those on the above list, all are so full of crap it's ridiculous !!! There are some others out there that are also doing their best to bend us over as well, got one that just recently kicked back an invoice because we charged for wire nuts, how bout the other one that tried not to pay an invoice that was over the NTE by .42 worth of tek screws. We live in a sick world nowadays folks !!!
  2. Temps in the upper 90's with a heat index of 105, Hot Summer Days Are Here !
  3. Anyone know who manufactures Bass Pro Shop wall and pole signs ? We have one going up in our area and would like to bid on the install.
  4. Well fuel went up a little more here today, Gas 3.43 , Diesel 3.83 . Looks like trouble ahead if it keeps going up. Welcome to the new world !!!
  5. Diesel 3.51 this morning here & gas still at 3.19
  6. Diesel here is 3.49 today, gas 3.19. Got a feeling things are going to take a turn for the worse (as if its not bad enough already) this year. I here some saying that we should have gas prices 3.50-3.75 by summer time !!!
  7. I'm here as well. Been awhile as to posting but I,m lurking in the background daily to keep up with whats going on. Has seamed a little slow everywhere lately for some reason.
  8. Yep cant go wrong with a Wilkie. We have three of them & they have all been very realiable over the years.
  9. Know what you mean Brian. We have a Wilkie 101' crane, 65'crane & a Model 60 ladder. Never had any major issues with any of them & all the folks at Wilkie have always been great to work with. What equipment are you getting ?
  10. We have bid a number of locations in our area & each location was bid to 5 different vendors. Have yet to hear back from any of them about these jobs. I'm sure they are taking the lowest price they can find on these jobs just like everone else is nowadays !!
  11. Califirnia Neon Products Allen Industries Blair Sign Companies Broadway National Sign Co. Chandler Signs Coast Signs Inc. Design Electric Kieffer & Co. Inc. Loren Electric Sign Corp. MC Sign Company Midtown Neon North American Signs Pattison Sign Group Priority Sign Inc. Service Select Signs Thomas Sign & Awning Young Electric Sign Co.
  12. Yea & these guys had the nerve to call us last week about completing a job in our area.The guy claims that they have to pay on our time schedule due to a court order & sends me a open T&M purchase order to do the work.When he called back & I told him that the only we would do any work for him was he would need to pay 100% up front & the check clear the bank first before we would even start the job.We havent heard anything back & I dont suppose we will.Heck I still have a note on my wall thats a reminder that they took (6) months just to pay for a little service call we
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