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  1. Has anyone performed work for this company, Skyline Sign in Conway, Sc, or subcontracted for them? Any information would be helpful. We like to check all companies references we subcontract for, either by this forum or by the review list- they aren't listed in the Nationals review list on this site. Thank you, Teresa
  2. We have been covered up here in Ky too, dfor past 2 years...Every year exceeding the last..We purchased 2 new trucks this year and hired another crew...Life is good!
  3. I am not affiliated with 1 source but I must say they do an excellent job on fabrication of pan formed faces. We have ordered several times from this company and were very pleased with their products. The staff is very nice there as well.
  4. lol, some must think our trucks run on air, lol...I bet their sign company wouldn't go out to a job and eat the cost, would they?
  5. We have been doing some subcontracting with Nationwide Sign Service and Repair in last couple of months and I have to say they have been great to us. Pay was almost 60 days first time, he said it was due to the hurricane, but the 2nd time was 45 days pay. In which most companies are 60 day pay. Frank and the staff there was really nice to us.
  6. Yes, I was getting ready to say the same...Garland at S&S is great guy to do business with!... Also, you could try Sams club, but the quality probably won't be as good as S&S signs. Ooops, I just noticed this was posted back in 2011, oh well, someone else may need to know.
  7. I know Coast Signs have some of them, but not all of them. Does anyone know who else has those? Thanks.
  8. It is Allen Industries, in case someone else needs to know. Thanks, Teresa
  9. We here at Taylor Made Signs would like to wish each and everyone of you and your families a VERY MERRY and BLESSED CHRISTMAS.... and a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! I also would like to say a special thank you to each and every one of you at for the advice and for welcoming our company into your forums/site. Teresa Taylor Made Signs
  10. Thanks for the replies, but I have a copy of the manual now...thanks everyone.. Teresa
  11. If you only knew this guy, if you told him that he would be like "ah make me the XXX sign, I dont care what they say"....This customer owns several chains of different restaurants and hotels...we have done all of his, so far, and they are still standing and without any questions. I feel like that the customer is the one owns, bought and paid for the hotel, they are having to pay in order just to carry the name of the franchise, and as long as they are following/meeting the branding and identity of the franchise, than they should be able to chose whomever they wish to fabricate or install thei
  12. Yeah, that is what I have done in the past, call corporate get them to send the branding and identity signage packet it to me...but some corporate companies act as if they "ONLY" want certain sign companies to do their franchise signs...well, this customer "ONLY" wants us to do his, so yeah...I think that I'm going to have to ask the customer to call on this one and get the PMS colors, specs, etc....thanks again Teresa
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