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  1. SOrry if I dont know where to put this. Any suggestions on good quality translucent film for Roland SP300V printer. Outdoor use 30 inch 5 years will work. Thanks for any help as prices are getting up there with present suppliers.
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  3. May not be seeing right because of photo but look at the length of the pole above rings as well as the short distance between the two rings. It doesn't look right. Almost like length of pole above rings could create so much leverage that small space between rings could never have handled any weld problem. Seen jobs in field where all welds went bad (junk welds) but sign would have to be pulled up by wind out of sign or bottom pole wall thickness would have to give for this to happen. In this case looks like bad welds and leverage caused by spacing and placement of rings could have created enou
  4. Had a large stock of 15mm neon boots (to cover electrode and GTO on a bendback for example) so has been a long time since we purchased them. Pricing of $42 - $50 per hundred ? ANy better $/supplier? Thanks, Lance
  5. Greetings and thanks for any help. First off, we did not sell this message center, merely trying to help a new customer that bought one and now seems to be stuck. I figure that this must be happening across the country so maybe this will also help others. If there is a thread already addressing this please direct me. Got a call from a church that their message center was not operating properly. When Tech arrived said only labels he could find were "AS LED" and "Alcon Technologies". Looks like AS LED is the manufacturer of the message center (or maybe they just slapped their label on) and Alco
  6. Greetings and thanks for any help. Anyone have success/failure with ProSign, Sign Search, Adwords, etc. Was anything worth the $ spent? Has anyone used any of these services and calculated the total cost vs any sale? Again, thanks for any help.
  7. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone have a good employee handbook or access to one that is specifically to our trade? Lots of employee handbooks out there but I have not seen one for Sign companies. Need things like "responsible to drive professionally" "not use comany stock or trucks to service other than company customers", you get the picture. Again, thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks very much for all replies. To be clear, we would never, ever try to cut any company out of the business they gave us. We follow the Boy Scout Motto here, simply - ... trustworthy... loyal...etc.....BUT many of these non-competes read this way. This leads me to the answer that hit closest home: "But to say you basically cannot exist in the market because you may possibly solicit some nameless generic customer that they may or may not actually have I believe is related to the precept of the Void Contract.....How about if they made you sign a contract that said you would smash your truck
  9. Greetings and thanks for any feedback. We do a lot of work for national sign and maint service companies. The wording on the non-compete part of the contract for many of them, if you read them carefully as we do, is pretty vague and draconian at the same time. Could be dangerous for our/your business and heres what I mean. How do you handle this but also do work for these national accounts? Please realize I know the "reasonable"intent of this part of the contract is so we dont try to simply go direct to corporate XYZ and say "we are doing service work for you so lets just cut out ABC Nationa
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