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  2. RT @CloydRivers: Serious question: Why weren't Democrats demandin' gun control after Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant in San…

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  4. RT @AOetjen: While Moms away the boys will play!!! Hawk hits the road with his deddy @RandyHouser. https://t.co/C7g5CHpAhi

  5. @dustinswedelson it's Eric Clapton dude

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  7. RT @JeffStriegle: @DGodfatherMoody @RacelineTV Stop two COMPLETE!! #PubCrawl2018 https://t.co/zg7t9fcu8t

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  9. RT @WoOLateModels: What a finish! Awesome run tonight, @B_Sheppard_B5 and @devinmoran99 https://t.co/aafZS8BNGS

  10. RT @MartySmithESPN: Just an ol country boy. Congrats, 🐐 https://t.co/5s28x282rb

  11. RT @colorsflashing6: Travis is the best! He IS authentic, in his writing and as a human being. He’s the real deal. https://t.co/KXtEsTjh7Z

  12. @eckert24 #4 with White Reflective Scotchlite

  13. RT @CapeGazette: Harbeson cemetery board offers reward https://t.co/C74CtCcbjX #netde

  14. RT @jeff_gluck: Also, this happened at 3 a.m. ET so I’m posting again. This kind of respect deserves attention. Look what they said about e…

  15. RT @NatalieRacing: Today was an amazing day! 😍 I got to draft today in practice for my first time at Daytona! I still can’t believe it ❤️ h…