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  1. i have a customer who wants a small simple emc. just words approx 2' by 6' or 3 by 6. 1 color outdoor durable 2 sided... would prefer a hand held keyboard controller for simplicity. there must be a market for this.. i typically use dak or watchfire because i stand by everything i sell. i am seeing a huge market for signs in this price point category....any ideas???
  2. just got a request for some work from southwater signs. good or bad?
  3. does the cabinet lack structure? if so as you tension the cabinet will move also. when we do a big signcomp flex, we only put the clip in 1 click at first, then go around cabinet and click each1 one click. if you are impatient and rush this, problems surface.
  4. i have looked for years with no luck, i think there is a market for a 2 circuit vacancy sign out of led. Anyone
  6. dasco signs, acton maine has done hundreds. including the menu boards
  7. Ii bought a slightly used techno lc 5 by 10 in 2010. came with computer, enroute, dust collector & bunch of bits. paid 21 grand. 1 service call (my fault) & its still banging out the work. Techno was a partner w/ isel automation who makes the vast majority of the components for all the other routers. in other words... very repairable. i also like the fact that the rails are underslung so no debris lands on the drive track (shopbot). there are plenty of 4 by 8 techno lc's for short $$$. i like the 5 by 10 because other shops send me the oversize stuff. i have cut 1/2" aluminum plate with mine. find a slightly used machine, i saved 40 grand.
  8. just bought a decent low mile wilkie 520. anybody have one? how do you like it? seems really simple, mechanically. erik @ spectrum signs
  9. Gotta say that Rocco makes sense on this caper. There are definitely easier things to steal so why go through all this trouble and risk with a identifiable piece of large equipment?? Must be more to the story than meets the eye. Curious indeed.......... Best its a repo- which is illegal in most places. the sign is a fixture, needs a court order to repo unless your paperwork is right. on my invoices i put " sign is property of spectrum signs until final payment is received. a deposit is part of this contract & will not stop removal of sign if payment in full is not received upon installation.
  10. I have a 30 ft versalift 1995 era, when my onan generator needed a re-build i couldnt find anybody to do it. the onan ran the hydraulic pump off the engine. to replace the 5 hp onan was like $4500, so i bought a $3000, 22hp lincoln welder/ generator to replace it. i took the plastic cover off the end of the crankshaft & there was a 4 bolt pattern on the end of the crank, exposed. i had a machinist make a plate & a 100% true shaft & that couples w/the hydraulic pump. the boom runs great at idle, although at high rpm (welding) the boom runs pretty fast. one thing, the lincoln needs a counterclockwise hydraulic pump to do this. the onan was clockwise it is very similar to a wilkie setup. cost me about $750 & brought a lot more to the table. i have even brought my 250 mig & spoolgun on the road w/me. couldnt do that with the onan thats for sure. have an onan generator for sale cheap, needs rebuild. erik @ spectrum signs
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