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  1. We can't say much just yet, but there's going to be some big product releases in the Elliott Equipment Company booth this year. Anyone that operates install/service trucks is definitely going to want to stop by for a visitt. See you all in Orlando!
  2. Hello everyone, Erik, thanks for sharing this information, we're extremely excited about this new Elliott E190 aerial device, which is now the tallest telescopic aerial device manufactured in North America. It's primarily designed for the utility industry for new transmission line construction and maintenance. One of the biggest benefits we offer throughout the HiReach line is that our products are designed to meet the ANSI A92.2 aerial standard, instead of the standard that applies to boom trucks with baskets. This means that our equipment adheres to much stricter stability testing and structural testing which means more safety and reliability. As for the remotes being hacked, these aerial work platforms all have a hard-wired connection for the remotes in the platform so that you run the machine at height without relying on the wireless connection. The radio is for use with an optional electrical isolating extension section. As far as the ride goes, it is smooth and extremely stable. And you get a great view from 190’. Here are some photos of the Omaha skyline from the platform. Looking down is another story though. People look pretty small from 190’ in the sky.
  3. Elliott Equipment Company also had an excellent experience at the show, meeting with many of our customers and dealers. Everyone seemed to have a really positive attitude, which is a great thing to see. In case you missed it, Elliott also sponsored the golf ball drop event at the Western States Sign Council (WSSC) golf tournament the day before the show. We brought over a 110' Elliott H110 HiReach from YESCO in Las Vegas to do the ball drop. We were able to drop several hundred balls from the platform, which was a lot of fun. Check out the pictures in our new gallery. Who says you can't have fun with a sign crane?
  4. Elliott Equipment Company sponsored the golf ball drop at the Western States Sign Council ISA Sign Expo golf tournament. We brought an H110 Elliott on site to the drop...biggest piece of equipment yet!
  5. I'll try to stop by as well, it's going to be a busy show for us!
  6. Tough crowd here! :) Given the level of customization and truck brands involved in this type of equipment, and the wide range of travel distances from the Elliott factory, the only way to get a ballpark number is to speak with your local Elliott dealer. We appreciate all the feedback, hopefully we'll have a chance to discuss the setup with some of you at the ISA Sign Exp in April.
  7. Brian...we agree...very easy on the eyes! Lucky for us, we get to look at these machines every day here at the factory. If you'd like to speak with one our local dealers to get a feel for pricing, I'd be happy to have them contact you. Feel free to shoot me an email at david.phillips@elliottequip.com if you'd be interested.
  8. Hello everyone, We're happy to announce the development of a new heavy-duty aluminum toolbox and bed package designed specifically for use on our line of HiReach sign cranes both as an option on new units, as well as a retrofit on older Elliotts. The custom built package includes a two-piece aluminum bed with a grip surface. It can include a wide variety of underbody boxes, torch boxes, and lamp bins constructed of treadplate or smooth aluminum with locking doors. The complete aluminum bed and body package with six toolboxes weighs up to 60% less than a standard steel flatbed and toolbox setup. During the past decade, truck weights have steadily increased due to emissions and other design changes, so the need for a lightweight tool and equipment storage package has become increasingly important. By utilizing Elliott’s new aluminum body package, owners can benefit from lower chassis costs and less maintenance, while retaining excellent versatility and resale value. I've included some photos so that you guys can see how slick this package looks. The aluminum bed and box package is available from all authorized Elliott Equipment dealers worldwide. The new body package will be on display in the Elliott Equipment booth at the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas from April 9th to the 11th. We invite you all to visit us to see this new package firsthand. We hope you all like this product line development. We keep working hard to find ways to boost productivity and value for our sign and lighting customers.
  9. Hey Travis, we definitely don't get begged to use Freightliners. That choice is really driven by our customers. Over the past few years, there has been plenty of turmoil in the truck industry. Freightliner offers the right mixture of engine reliability and dealer availability at the best possible price. They also do an excellent job of keeping the fuel tank, air tank, battery box, and emissions equipment completely under the truck cab. This eliminates frame interference and allows us to install more toolboxes. Most of our customers (sign guys) tend to look for the lowest priced chassis, and that happens to be Freightliner/Ford. That being said, we've built plenty of L60s on more expensive trucks. Here are a few samples (Hino, Peterbilt, and International). We don't really have a truck preference!
  10. If you'll be at the USSC show this week, be sure to stop by our booth and check out the latest version of the L60R HiReach. We've made numerous upgrades to the unit, like a new weather resistant and oversized outrigger/boom selector valve at the bumper and much more. L60R Show Unit Details - 40"x60" Steel Workplatform - Steel Treadplate Bed with Grip Deck Coating - 5,900 lb Material Handling Boom Winch - 500 lb Platform Jib - 110V Line to the Workplatform - Welder Leads and Remote Welder Start/Stop to the Workplatform - Sign Forks on the Workplatform - Steel Cab Windshield Guard and Walkway - 98" x 36" x 24" Crossbody Box Behind Cab - Full Complement of Underbody Steel Toolboxes (2-48", 1-30", 2-24") Also, truck is Non-CDL. Weighed in at around 24,750 lbs from the factory. We have people at the show in case anyone has questions.
  11. Elliott's line of SkyWalk aerial work platforms offer oversized platforms for 2-3 workers that can work along large surfaces, or around corners. Featuring full hydraulic power to the platform, hydraulic jib winch, and accessory lines from the bed to the basket. S50F - 55' S50R - 50' S70R - 70'
  12. This year is Elliott Equipment's 65th anniversary in the business, so we might be the only manufacturer that can offer up some high resolution mid-century pictures. Here are some pictures of 1950s Elliott HiReach that we have on our factory office walls. It's pretty amazing how far we've come in terms of safety, design, and multi-functionality! We still have the sign truck shown in the first picture, and it still runs. Great for local parades.
  13. Sign Trucks manufactured by our company in Omaha, Nebraska. Since 1948, Elliott Equipment has been manufacturing industry-leading aerial work platforms for the outdoor sign and lighting community.
  14. Thank you Erik and Kirstie for hosting the Meet & Greet. Sorry that Justin from International and I couldn't stay longer, but we had a tight schedule! Seems to always been the case at these shows. You have a great group of members, and I look forward to seeing you all again in Orlando. PS - This year's show was incredible for Elliott, one of the best ever. Thank you to anyone here on the forum that stopped by at our booth, we're always happy to see such incredible support for our products.
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