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  1. Ok, finally the neon plant is sold and found a new home!
  2. Still for sale as of today, pm'd you info on getting pics.
  3. Gary, the blower has weights on the top..He actually made it out of a metal can with bolts for weight...Neat set-up and is quiet as a mouse...I am not familiar with that type of blower but it ran a few stations when he was up and bending glass.
  4. Forgot Counterville Roots Blower as well
  5. Plant is still for sale. I will sell it whole as a unit or part it out for those looking for parts and or pieces. I will ship at your cost for packing or crating. Still have a complete plant with more extras as well. I will provide pictures if requested. Please be serious as I have encounter way too many wanna be benders looking for a $10,000 system on a $500 budget...it just won't happen. 30kva Bombarder with slide choke and contact switch and buitton Edwards #8 2-Stage Direct Drive Vacuum Pump (like new!) Precision SE DACO pyrex manifold with additional parts - Hyde 16" and 6" ribbon burners with stand 12 point crossfires with stand Valves and mixers Additional parts for gas and propane Glass Bending materials Testers Diffusion pump Extra set of cross-fires Torches - tipping/spliching much more Complete price to move $2,500 or sell seperate
  6. Sale pending on entire plant..will post if the sale goes through on Wed...If not, got the green light to part out the plant so anyone still interested in pieces parts I will let you know...
  7. No, the owner of the plant wants it gone in one complete sale..
  8. Not wasting time with Ebay. or Craigslists....been down that road too many times. Make an offer, guy wants to move it..and this week it is in my shop so I need to get it out of there.....LOL
  9. Hey everyone, still for sale...no interest for neon, no more love of the trade???
  10. Yes, still do, had a couple bites but shipping over the border seems to be a bit expensive. I have some pics that he sent me via phone so I can post them or send them to you, They are not too bad but it is the best he could give me. I do know the plant is not 100% torn down, so if it sells, I will more than likely be the guy dismantling it and shipping it as the owner is out of town.
  11. ...something to be said for old school stuff...just don't make them like they used to!!
  12. Can you look at the roots and get a model # off of it? Not being picky - never heard of a Counterville blower. Do you know the differece between a roots blower and a newer "regenerative" blower? If this was a DACO system - they sold the regen units and definitely not the same thing. Any vacuum gauge - brand? Is the manifold a single side or double side? Oil filled monometer, or gauge? Thanks for answering the questions. On the battery test coil - I've got one that is ancient - takes a big old battery in a pouch. gn Gary, I got the spelling wrong on the blower the name is this: Roots Connersville Blower Corp. Size 36 - Don't know much else, he is out of state and I cannot get to the plant just yet. I got mine from DACO, big blue I call her, more quiet than my first blower.. vacuum cleaner motor courteous of Victory neon! In fact I still have part and pieces to his choke and I still have the European vacuum pump he sold with his plants. I will sell the pump but throw in the choke!! LOL No vacuum gauge, he fried his many years ago and got rid of it just like I did mine!! LOL I am still trying to get mine fixed. Mannometer is a DACO one, oil filled. I know the guy selling the plant and he was pretty particular about his stuff, I can not believe anything to be in bad shape, in fact I know he was using it less than a year ago because his customer came to me after he got another job. I would buy it myself but the work is not just there...it is coming back in stages but not enough to have a second plant right now.
  13. Ok, here is some specifics on the neon plant. Magnetic choke, push button 30KVA bombarder (Big One) Precision SE manifold (has to be DACO)New "O" rings ,cleaned, etc.. extra parts Edwards Direct drive vacuum pump no#8 Roots blower Counterville Pyrex diffusion pump with heater (DACO brand) Plant is maintained in excellent condition. Glass Gas Flask hook-up The battery test coil is a rechargeable..not that old Can crate and ship.
  14. Working on the specifics. The guy I am helping sell this plant is out of town and I am trying to get the info from his wife. Should have something by the first of the week to let you know. I am going to try and get pictures as well.
  15. I have a complete DACO Pyrex manifold plus all the equipment to set up a nice neon shop. Very well maintained. It was another bender's set-up in my town that went out of business. He is asking $2,900 for the equipment listed below and I will help with shipping if not picked-up locally since he is working out of state. As for the tables, I would assume if anyone wants them they can have them but shipping may be a big pricey even broke down..Also, I believe there may be more stuff such as glass and electrodes and other sign materials...still cleaning out the shop. Anyway, look the list over and let me know if anyone is interested. fires/torches all complete with mixing valves and hoses Hyde 16inch ribbon burner 12 point crossfire splicing torch tipping torch air blower burn-in transformer 3 glass files 2 flasks of neon gas 1 flask of K-4 gas map wheel roll of carbon paper roll of transbestos 2 quarts block out paint 1 quart block out thinner 3 electrode holders assorted sizes of corks electric test coil battery test coil Pyrex O-ring type manifold diffusion pump with heater Edwards 2-stage direct drive vacuum pump bombarder and choke gallon of vacuum pump oil 4 neon "how to" books 4ft x 13ft two-piece bench 29in x 6ft 4-shelf neon rack Asking $2,900 plus shipping if not picked up locally. I am in Ohio, near Akron.
  16. LOL Hey why not everyone else is doing it. I'm sure his will be the cheapest,brightest and longest lasting too. 400,000 hrs + ...and waterproof to boot!!!
  17. I do and have done fiber-optics for a lot of applications including swimming pools!!
  18. I've always like the coined term, "Political Correctness is Political Cowardness" So true...It is a shame when you can't even express your views in a country that is free but yet a foreigner can come here, get free health care, free food, free jobs, free education...etc...practicality say or do whatever they want without fear of persecution and we as true Americans can even speak a word without the "political police" breathing down out backs.... Ok, enough of the soap box talk....time to get back to work!
  19. I would love to give you my response as I have had personal experience with a foreigner in a way related to my family but being that I would more than likely get banned for my "views" and I refuseh to be "politically correct" when it is ridiculous, I will just keep my mouth shut. Good for you for keeping your composure and taking the high road....I would be hard pressed not to speak my mind to someone who comes to America only to get a "free ride" on taxpayers dollars.... Time for a change...
  20. Maybe Sean can weight in here???
  21. Came across this on their web site - any thoughts?? http://www.egl-lighting.com/
  22. Isn't that what happened to neon as well? Shove it down our throats with overseas quality on a cheap scale and then sit back and reap the profits until it is bled dry from inferior products and poor workmanship. If I remember there was quite a period of "bad" neon coming from overseas but the price was too good to resist for most. It didn't take long to put a sour taste in the mouth of the customer while the real "neon" suffered. IMO LED's are heading in the same direction. The better LED's will surely suffer some lose just like neon.
  23. They have a cool people working in my area but I am convinced it is management that is screwing things up. Since I have been in business, I dealt with 3 suppliers for glass and things. Every few years or so, I have found myself switching suppliers due to issues with pricing, availability and service. Seems the time is about right to go elsewhere and deal with a supplier that understands customer service. I can understand Glantz and others not supplying neon items as much or keeping low stock on certain items due to the LED craze and everyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon, but after the last deal of not getting glass to this very day, I have to draw the line somewhere. Other times, if glass or certain neon items were not available, it would ship direct from the manufacture just to get the order filled....no more...IF this trend does take hold on just neon, I see manufactures selling direct to us neon sign shops and eliminating the suppliers.
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