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  2. I'm in Brunswick and would be interested in printing for you. We have a 60" Mimaki. Let me know if I can help and I will get you the contact info.
  3. I'm in Brunswick and would be interested in printing for you. We have a 60" Mimaki. Let me know if I can help and I will get you the contact info.
  4. MONTGOMERY -- Session-long tensions in the Alabama Senate boiled over Thursday as Republican Sen. Charles Bishop of Jasper punched Democratic Sen. Lowell Barron of Fyffe in the head before the two were pulled apart. Bishop said he punched Barron after the senator called him a "son of a bitch." "I responded to his comment with my right hand," Bishop said Just my opinion but we need a few more men or women in Washington or that stand up and show actions speak louder than words. I bet Barron remembers the last time he called someone a SOB.
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  7. Are we talking April Fools or April Fool? :emot-LOL:
  8. What does it take to be truly efficient in installing and maintaining electric signage? What does it take to build custom electrical signs? How much should we charge? Just stirring up some conversation Semper Fi :war:
  9. I have enjoyed reading what items have been posted. I was lured here from another forum site and have very much enjoyed my stay. I am new to the electric sign industry, basically I did not want to turn work but also wanted to learn the electrical side. Probably know enough to be dangerous. Have several question but little time to devote to learning. Locally maintenance and repair shops are not open to their "secrets" so why not joina forum where that is the discussion. Maybe I am stupid, but I love learning new things. This site has helped me a lot, mainly relaxing in the arcade. I just think more members who are not afraid of sharing tips and tricks. As far as lowballers in this industry, I guess a lot of people are afraid of Electricity and don't want to bother. The other thing is if you can buy a plotter for 1500.00 and cut and stick some vinyl your a sign shop, but the same joe can't think several years down the road and purchase a bucket truck, crane, and other tools along with insurance. So I don't believe the market will ever get flooded. But from experience it is hard to get in a market where one company has a monopoly and has had one for decades, but slowly I am getting a few jobs here and there, just have not quite found the competative edge. By the way Spent ten years building traffic and Highway signs throughout the Southeast - went to work for my self in 2001 (Traffic Signs and Vinyl) - Bought a Bucket truck in 2004 under a separate company with a partner to help with maintenance and installs, became sole owner in 2006 - Began some web development in 2006 to hopefully help our industry and of course eventually make some money - Currently run a retail sign shop, produce traffic signs for municipalities and other DOT contractors, got into Large format in late 2004. Just lost of thing to look after. Long a short of it - I enjoy the site, wish much success for all who try to better the industry. I love the USA - Capitalism rules Lots of rambling - one day I may have another real question mater of fact may post one know.
  10. Looks like enough...go with it If it looks like you will run out...buy more If you are doing inventory...guess
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  12. Did not see the movie, figured if it reviewed well it may not be something I would like to see. I do however know a man who hit the beach with the Marine Corps at Iwo Jima and he tells often of how much he loves this Country and he as well as others were ready to give up life to secure future freedom and freedom for others. We have been so pampered over the years we really don't know sacrifice. What would we give up to live in freedom, and by the way freedom is not having to wait an hour to go through the airport, its walking on a plane knowing that a evil person would think twice about destroying innocent life. When we ended the wars with Germany and Japan we left them a definitive message. Not to mess with America lest you be dealt with. No sane person would ever say war is good but we all know that war is sometimes necessary. Its time to pull off the gloves and let evil be destroyed. We need to let our Military do what they do best, blow crap up. then let Halliburton fix the crap. If we would chase down insurgents and destroy them and the buildings they hide in. Collateral damage is a reality in war. The insurgents don't care how many innocent lives they kill. What would have happened if politics got involved in WWII? It all goes back to what we are willing to give-up. Just my opinion, more rounds down range. Send Statesmen to Washington not Politicians
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