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  1. Crybaby? I thought it was the Chargers who drafted Eli Manning. -Marek
  2. Any idea on the cost? -Marek
  3. Nice, I saw Charlie Daniels at Cricket a couple of years ago, along with the Marshal Tucker band. I'm going to Brad Paisley there in October because my fiance told me so. -Marek
  4. We listen to Sirius (XM) satelite radio in my shop. We usually have it on Classic Vinyl, which is basically classic rock. When we get bored of that we listen to Alt Nation which is current alternative rock music. We also like the Coffee House, which is mostly acoustic songs. When I am alone I listen to Howard Stern, but it's not very work appropriate so I only listen when no one else is around. -Marek
  5. Marekdlux has just broken SignSource1 score in ExciteBike with a new score of 15,373 old score was 15,091
  6. :arcadefreak: Actually I hadn't played a game in a month or two until that one. Triple backflipped it the whole way. I'm heading out to Phoenix this weekend, then down to Baja for a while next month. I've just been busy with school and work....have to make more time to play games. -Marek
  7. Marekdlux has just broken signeye score in ExciteBike with a new score of 15,047 old score was 11,046
  8. Thanks! I spent the day snowboarding and watching New England get beat! Can't beat that. -Marek
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