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  1. Starr Mershon

    Starr Mershon

  2. Remote Graphic Designer Need to Create Sign Artwork for Sign Manufacturing Company. Must have Programs necessary to do so. Must have Sign Manufacturing/ Installation Knowledge. Must be able to Met Deadlines. Must be Reliable. Must have Flexible Schedule. email info@morgan-sign.com
  3. Hello All! Has anyone worked with Ace Sign Company in Little Rock, AK? I have received a contact for them to do work in my area. However, the contact list Action Services Group as the company name in 1 section of the contract. I have asked the PM that I am working with and she can not explain this. I have had bad experiences with Action and if they are affiliated, I prefer not to get into that boat again. Thanks
  4. Can someone tell me what company sent that? I think that I got the same thing.
  5. Thank you both. that is helpful. The reason I am asking is because I would like to contact the National Sign of certain companies. I am not trying to get the customer directly. I just wanted them to tell me who to call. I never thought about looking on the Sign- DUH- that is a great idea.
  6. Hello: Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I am trying to find out what accounts each Nation Sign company holds, or who the national Sign company is for customers I am interested in working with. Example: If I want to work with Walgreens, how do I find out who the National Sign Company is? I have contacted Walgreens Corp, they are not helpful. Or If I start a new relationship with a National Sign Company, how can I know what Accounts they hold? I have looked on NSC websites, and some of the customers they say they have are not always correct. I have been googling ALL day and h
  7. Thank you very much for the information. This is very helpful. Is there a "Should not do business with" list located any where, that I can check out. I am new to this and do not want to get my self in a bind.
  8. Hello- My name is Starr Mershon from Universal Sign in Lafayette, LA. I am the Service Manager. Our company has been established for 46 years. I am currently setting up accounts with a few new national companies, and just wanted to ask around about the companies that I am not familiar with. Thanks in advance. Any information would be helpful.
  9. Can anyone tell me their experiences with Action Services Group? I am doing a check up on a few companies before we begin business.
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