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  1. thank you so much!! my prtner is having some bad lameness issues (old age is not for sissies...) and this got (horrified!) bellylaughs out of both of us!!! will show oujr apprentice , keeping straight face, and hope he sees the error of someones ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh - yeah - partner said he wondered if light looked spotty.....................!
  2. the grass is always greener, but it still needs mowing. nothing like turning on neon torches in the winter, just the ribbon burner flame makes you feel warmer.
  3. can't resist comment - way back, my boss told us we could quit if it got to be 100 degrees in the shop while we were bending glass. so about a week ago, i'm watching the fancy digital atomic clock, 94 96 99 degrees, just waiting for 100 degrees, when my boyfriend comes in and notes that there are only 2 available digit spaces for temperature. ha! either temp never got over 99 deg, or if it did,would it display '00'? decided was time to take a break.
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