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  1. RT @HumanProgress: In 1981, the year Ronald Reagan became America's 40th President, 44.3 percent of the world lived in extreme poverty (i.e…

  2. @African_xBlack @ASJBaloch @FarmerpaulSA Keep quiet, you sexist oppressor.

  3. @AspenComics Awesome!

  4. RT @StefanMolyneux: Here is the basic truth: if you’re a mom, and you faint at home, your children will call an ambulance. If you’re not a…

  5. @KevZag Dude took an hour off his commute.

  6. RT @KevZag: Three of the same payloads that flew on SpaceShipTwo on Friday are going to space *again* tomorrow on New Shepard. Science exp…

  7. RT @DavidHe11952876: December 15, 2018 ~ Popocatepetl Volcano, explodes with huge amount of lava tonight at sundown. #popocatepetl #volcano…

  8. @JJAnimationsYT @DisneyPixar @prattprattpratt @TomHolland1996 @OfficialJLD @octaviaspencer @MrDanScanlon Coco?

  9. @AP Thank goodness for rational thought.

  10. @sfqlovesrqf @doug_ellison Understood.

  11. @zerohedge It seems like a good day for a revolution.

  12. @orbital_decay @lorengrush Solid ROCKET Boosters (SRBs) were the STS first stage. They were recovered, refurbished and reused.

  13. @emilyfletchh Don’t do drugs, kids.

  14. RT @DownedWarbirds: Worth a repost: Audio recording of an Avro Lancaster crew of No. 207 Squadron RAF on a bombing mission over Germany in…

  15. RT @MontereyAq: Flipper: — • Flippette: ÷

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