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  1. There are not enough times I can say this SAFETY above all else. I have joking said to my guys, we are all going home today everything is safe, to easy there nerves whenever I see them a little nervous about a big job. I sometimes think a my be a worry wart but I could not imagine getting or having to make that call. i help my buddies out a lot on the weekends. Trees and house projects. As stated we sign guys get envoled in a lot of projects because of our equipment and our general knowledge of most trades. My heart breaks for this family. We are a family ran company. That story is my nightmare.
  2. Couldn’t agree more with the statements above. Low bids are a breeding ground for this type of dangerous work environment. I will bet a national service company has this account and this guy cut out the local sign company that he worked for, see it all the time. Probably a no name truck.
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