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  1. There have been quite a few Pop-Eyes re-branded in my area does anyone know the vendor for there account?
  2. Has anyone done work for Truesource 263 JENCKES HILL RD. LINCOLN, RI 02865. If so how was the experience.
  3. Has anyone worked for National Sign Corporation lately. They have good reviews from 2013 but we are involved in a job with them and it kinda went to hell. We where going to install 3- 18' tall blade signs on a building in St. Louis MO. They requested us to do the engineering for them and agreed to pay us for it. Fast forward a month permits are in with our engineering and they decide that the engineering is too over done further more he states that he never agreed to pay for engineering. We have all the agreements in emails. Now job has been taken from us and we are having to threaten the pulling of our permits to get payment for for incurred time. The City of St. Louis is not a wham-bam permit job. Anyone have any thoughts.
  4. There are not enough times I can say this SAFETY above all else. I have joking said to my guys, we are all going home today everything is safe, to easy there nerves whenever I see them a little nervous about a big job. I sometimes think a my be a worry wart but I could not imagine getting or having to make that call. i help my buddies out a lot on the weekends. Trees and house projects. As stated we sign guys get envoled in a lot of projects because of our equipment and our general knowledge of most trades. My heart breaks for this family. We are a family ran company. That story is my nightmare.
  5. Couldn’t agree more with the statements above. Low bids are a breeding ground for this type of dangerous work environment. I will bet a national service company has this account and this guy cut out the local sign company that he worked for, see it all the time. Probably a no name truck.
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