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  1. And no.....not much else but alcohol goes into this body anymore. Water and coke are out...unless its Jack and coke....or gin and tonic!
  2. They are pretty damned bright....kinda washes out the color just a little bit....not bad though. Not something most people would even notice. Might have been ok just to print straight to white premium vinyl. Anyhow...looks really cool. Especially the dimensionals. Nice job!
  3. New truck? Things must be going well! Saw the Double Duece sign downtown last weekend. Looked pretty cool. Call me next time you have an extra Chargers ticket....drinks will be flowin!
  5. Super Cool! Reminds me of an auction I went to outside of Milan, Italy a few years ago. The story was, that a famous radio show host got popped for tax evasion by the policia, whereby all of his assets were seized by the Italian Feds. Included in his assets were 2 huge warehouses in the countryside of Northern Italy which is surrounded by agriculture, and not much else. Inside the warehouses, they found several vintage automobiles, and literally thousands of very rare vintage motorcycles and scooters. The feds put up a crappy website with pictures of each item. Surfing it, I found an old Porsche 718 RSK Spider. Further research on the model yielded that only 32 (?) were produced as factory race cars from Porsche. And that the value of a legit RSK on auction would go for no less than $750K on auction. I talked to a good number of people and referrenced several books in order to determine its legitimacy (assuming I was able to view the car in person). I also got together a few investors, who between us all, agreed we would place a maximum bid of $150K. One of the investors, and myself flew to Italy to view the auction, and the car. Upon our arrival we found out that the sale of the RSK, as well as 5 or 6 of the other rarest cars, had been suspended by the Feds. No doubt, someone did some serious greasing. Although we were dissapointed, we knew it was a long shoft from the start, but an opportunity I would have regretted missing if it did sell....and within our bid range, no less. It was well worth the trip, since we still got a chance to view all of the other vehicles, which was an amazing spectacle in itself! And did a ton of partying...without the wives!!!! Other items this guy collected included military jets, helicopters, WWII mobile power stations, an dall kinds of other wacky shit! I'm including some pics of the trip, including some night club pics in Monaco where the coronas were $23 us dollars! Also, the real Monte Carlo, where we won a few hundred quick bucks on the cheapest tables they had ($100 per hand!), this helped finance our massive corona drinking binge that night! And a few pics of only a small portion of what was at the auction, our dumb-asses didn't think to bring extra batteries for the camera! Oh, well! Guido
  6. Dude....haven't talked to you in a while. I'm genuinely sorry to hear the bad news. We had the same thing happen between mini-me 1 and mini-me 2. Happened really early, as well. I feel for you guys. Guido
  7. What happened to the RS you posted a while back?
  8. River...sounds cool. If I went I'd have to buy myself a boat. Something I've been wanting to do for years. We were talking about doing a house boat for a week. Powell, or Shasta. Sounds relaxing. Crashing house-boat while drunk....thats my vision in the crystal ball!
  9. 'Round here they call it hangin' brain!
  10. She'll be glad to know she's got support for her brilliant idea! Now, if she could just create the electricity to power the bulb out of thin air, she'll make billions.... Good to hear your flight made it back to Holland safely. Oh, and thanks for the European geography lesson. Sheesh! You mean there are other places besides the USA on this planet??!!
  11. Heh! Definitely know whatcha mean. We'd love to hang out again! The fact that the kids were with us certainly changed the complexion of our trip...but it was fun, nevertheless.
  12. It was definitely cool getting to know some of y'all on a personal level. What better place than Vegas? Everyone was super cool, and made me feel at home regardless of my low level of electrical knowledge. It was cool to see there are people in the industry who operate differently...some technologically savy, while others just old school, hands-on style. The best part, I would agree, is that we were able to just shoot the shit about whatever, and not feel like you had to act a certain way...as I certainly proved Shoot, I didn't even offend K-girl with my life's stories!
  13. "GUido told me about some easy access tranny boxes that I never got to see that I wish I would have, wonder if he got the name on those. For the printing, well they keep getting better and better and cheaper and cheaper." Here it is. They also had some other stuff like toggle switches that they claimed were special for some reason or another....over my head...or interest at the time. CCF04162007_00001.pdf
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