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  1. Dave, if you were to attach the 6' x 800 lb capacity CraneMate you possible could sell it at a good price. Check with Ace sign in Spring Field IL they have a CraneMate for about 5 years now serves them well. I have others you could talk to. Changes your boom truck into a sign installation truck. Google "Reach All Platforms" www.reachallplatforms.com for more information. Tim
  2. Yes I agree with that and I have friends "true friends" because I knew when to say yes and no for the right reason. Thanks for the welcome and wisdom.
  3. CraneMate VS gravity leveling work platforms. "Increased safety and productivity" are just a few words to describe how superior the state of the art CraneMate is to any of the existing gravity leveling work platform attachments. In fact, the CraneMate is often equal to or better that the man-lift platforms being offered today. Safety Feature: The CraneMate has auto-hydraulic leveling which automatically levels the platform with it's payload inside as the boom truck articulates up and down even when the platform jib winch or platform forks are supporting a sign. Safety Feature:
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