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Found 25 results

  1. I have been contacted by various friends, customers, and "people in the know". There has been much confusion about AxiomLED ownership recently. This post is to clear up this confusion. For those of you who know, I am no longer the owner of AxiomLED. The company was sold to a great company in Southern California which is now called AxiomLED Inc. Jeff Justin is the new CEO of AxiomLED Inc. He has tons of experience in power supplies and in lighting. In fact, if you have ever been to Las Vegas and seen the Bellagio fountains…his products are behind lighting these iconic fountains. I am now working at YESCO in Las Vegas and am in charge of the new Outdoor LCD line Several customers have been contacted by a Chinese company claiming to be Axiom LED or Axiom Power Corp. These Chinese individuals are acting fraudulently by representing themselves to be the owner of the AxiomLED UL files for our power supplies and our LED strips. UL knows about this, and has already taken steps to address this issue. For confirmation you can visit the UL website directly at the links below: AXLE Series LED Modules Sign Accessories - Component UYMR2.E330040 Sign Accessories Certified for Canada UYMR8.E330040 PS Series Power Supplies (the ones tested on the Sign Syndicate for years) Power Supplies, Specialty - Component QQIJ2.E317210 Power Supplies, Certified for Canada QQIJ8.E317210 AxiomLED Inc moved its corporate offices from Las Vegas, Nevada to South El Monte, Southern California and now has live customer support and service personnel every Monday-Friday to answer any of your questions or help you with product choices. If you would like to contact them you can call one of the following people at AxiomLED Inc. Jeff Justin, CEO, AxiomLED Inc Tedd Schell, Sales Manager, AxiomLED Inc Bill Newton, Operations Manager, AxiomLED Inc Customer Service AxiomLED Inc Tel (626) 444-1282 www.AxiomLED.com If any of you are approached by these individuals please contact the guys above and let them know. I feel great exiting the business and leaving customers I had for so long in the capable hands of Jeff Justin and his team.
  2. AxiomLED has launched a new website www.AxiomLED.com I am no longer involved with AxiomLED and the company's offices were moved to Los Angeles area. Ted Schell is an active member on this board and he is with the customer management - please help me exit the business by all of you giving Ted and the management at AxiomLED Inc a warm welcome. See Ted's profile - http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/user/5894-tdschell/ This company has a full time dedicated staff with decades of experience in transformers/power supplies and lighting. Even last night I was showing some family the fountains at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and I had to point out that the team that took over AxiomLED are the people behind driving the lighting on these beautiful outdoor projects.
  3. AxiomLED's product was used in the award winning Spitting Feathers sign in New Zealand See More: Award Details http://www.axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Examples/Entries/2012/5/21_AXLE9-SW65_White_LED_Used_in_Award_Winning_New_Zealand_Sign.html
  4. Orlando, FL - International Sign Association (ISA) Show Only $1.25 Each - Now Available in North America AxiomLED has announced that it has begun volume shipments in North America for its AXLE9-SW65 white LED for signage and channel letter applications. 'The AXLE9-SW65 is the brightest and the lowest cost per linear foot system in the world,' stated Manuel Lynch, CEO of AxiomLED. 'We have had massive adoption of this product in places around the world doing major brand conversions and we are now bringing this product to North America.' The AXLE9-SW65 sells for $1.25 each and is over 100 lumen each, 20-40% brighter than other 'Value' products offered by manufacturers of LED lighting systems for the sign industry. The AXLE9-SW65 uses Nichia of Japan patented white LED technology and boasts an 80,000 hour lifetime. The AXLE9-SW65 features innovative interconnect technology that allows sign fabricators to use as few as one part to as many as fifty (50) parts per power supply. The AxiomLED PS60HS12 ruggedized weather proof power supply is only $25.00 in low volume and under $20.00 in high volume. 'Not only are we bringing the North American market the lowest cost and highest value LED line but we are also showing customers why our power supplies are used by major companies around the world,' commented Lynch. 'We have several hundred of this power supply used on the signature globe that sits on top of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City that is about to open. The AXLE9-SW65 is covered by a standard 5 year warranty. Sign companies can purchase this product online directly from AxiomLED at: http://store.axiomled.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AXLE9-SW65 See examples of AxiomLED installations around the world: http://www.axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Examples/Archive.html
  5. Join the discussion on our LinkedIn group about being prepared for an Emergency and you can get one of Emergency back up light bulbs for free. Join the group and read about the Solar Flare set to hit the earth tonight and tomorrow. In that topic you will get the discount code for our light bulb http://www.linkedin.com/groups/12212012-Being-Prepared-4233796
  6. If our LED retrofit system kit that sells for $75.00 can be used to retrofit a 2x4 fixture or light box...why can't they be used for cabinet signs more often? We are 20% brighter and 50% lower power. http://www.axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Examples/Entries/2012/3/12_AxiomLED_Fluorescent_Retrofit_Kits_in_West_Virginia_Gym.html
  7. Another video I put together about our Emergency Light Bulb... we just reduced pricing to $10 each as well. You can purchase on Deal of the Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_0dV0xQG-8
  8. AxiomLED ships over 15 Kilometers (9.3 miles) of Warm White LED lighting to rebrand Shell Stations throughout New Zealand to Z Energy… Read More
  9. AxiomLED Deal of the Day offer http://store.axiomled.com/dealoftheday.asp
  10. How much would you pay for a service that gave you free shipping for a year?
  11. The Sign Syndicate.com - February 2012 Video Update Fun, controversial, and always entertaining information of our electric sign industry. February 2012 video update for the Sign Syndicate.com
  12. So another look as to why power outages will happen and how potable water will be a problem. Interesting report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17117836 Get your fix on Emergency technology to help: http://axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Emergency_Technology.html
  13. AxiomLED has announced that it is further expanding its line of products to include various types of Emergency technology products designed to assist consumers around the world in the event of power outages. The company has launched a section of its website devoted to Emergency technology ranging from LED bulbs with built in battery backup, to water bottles with built in filters/cleaners, to solar charging systems for mobile phones and flashlights as well as systems to provide energy efficient body heaters. "I have been in countries that deal with power outages 2-3 times per day and know that people must make adjustments to these changes," commented Manuel Lynch, CEO of AxiomLED. "We have also seen a dramatic increase in power outages over the past 10 years due to snow storms and solar flares." The company is also finalizing development of Commercial Emergency Lighting technologies for hotels and hospitals that meet demanding Fire Safety Code standards but that also are inexpensive and simple to retrofit existing technology. "If the MGM Fire in Las Vegas in 1980 set the standard for safety for buildings around the world, then I think we are in the right place to showcase some of our new low cost yet effective technologies," stated Mr. Lynch. The company has several contracts already to provide 3rd world countries with its Axiom Rudolph LED Bulb systems that lead the way when the power is out. More information on AxiomLED Emergency Technology: http://www.axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Emergency_Technology.html
  14. Just wondering what light bulb you use in Retail Canopy Wraps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrhsiUiY2IE
  15. AxiomLED has launched its new expanded warranty coverage service for many of its products. The company has launched several new "Insurance Policies" to help small companies avoid any high labor rates to retrofit or fix faulty signs or fluorescent retrofit projects. The AxiomLED Expanded Warranty Coverage program is now available in two options: A) up to $250 of warranty service Labor Cost reimbursement and, B) up up to $500 of warranty service Labor Cost reimbursement See more - http://store.axiomled.com/category_s/38.htm We would like to know your thoughts on such a system.
  16. We thought ahead of the big game that we would do another odd video... just having fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEsDLozvpOg
  17. See what a very formidable news correspondent had to say about AxiomLED Rudolph Light bulbs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64NacO1DjmU
  18. Want to give a big re-welcome to Axiom LED for re-signing as a Baord Vendor and supporting this site For those of you who have never tried and Axiom product you're truly missing out. Axiom LED sells everything from LED modules for signs, general lighting products & retrofit kits to Power Supplies. Now, they have a really cool flashlight called the Rudolph! Axiom has been in the Sign Syndicate Testing since 2008 starting off in The Great White Hope, at just over 26,000 hours it should be know that they are the top dog in having the least amount of LED module light depreciation in it's class! Axiom has just about been in every light source testing project on this board. Manuel's one of the pioneers whos not afraid to take on arrows being shot his way, by leading the way in new areas, and trying new products & services. For more information on their product lines visit http://axiomled.com or Contact Manuel Lynch thru this board LINK
  19. The Sign Syndicate.com - January 2012 Video Update Late month of January 2012 video update for the Sign Syndicate.com
  20. A video we put together to have some fun with the impending 12.21.2012 date and all the predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvaHgIedBtU
  21. So is Santa Claus going to have to move next year? See the article: http://www.axiomled.com/AxiomLED/Home_files/12212012-AxiomLED-SantaMoving.pdf
  22. AxiomLED has finally introduced the product that it showcased at our ISA Party in Las Vegas... sorry she had clothes on when we turned it on!! http://www.AxiomLED.com/AxiomLED/Metal_Halide_Retrofit.html If someone wants to make the sheet metal components that can sell with these kits - please call me on my mobile at 702-539-4484
  23. So here I go again introducing some odd new product This time - "Look Mom, No LEDs!!!" http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manuellynch/tunelite-sound-system
  24. AxiomLED has introduced a new 144 Watt LED power supply. The new product is designed for 90-277 Volt AC universal input and 24 Volt DC output. We are seeing a lot more interest in our 24 Volt power supplies. The power supply is IP68 rated and can be mounted up to 10 meters/30 feet under water. The product is UL Recognized. See more: https://store.axiomled.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PS144HD24
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