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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a small job I just recently finished. Small potatoes in size for sure, but what's more important are the components used, the pride taken even in the smallest of jobs AND the soon to be end result. Small sure, but large/bright light output when we talk "Green". IF there is anything about our electric sign industry when and where someone can coin a phrase "Going Green" AND mean it, AND back it up this is one of those instances. No blanket marketing claim talk here, and I wont try to convince you that what I can do will save the planet....truth is.....no one can, and she doesn't want/need our help. I'm not selling guilt to get you to buy something!!! The Mayan calendar expired and we're all still here, reality is here...and HERE is my "Green" project. Yes the sign is simple and average and during the day you would probably miss it. But once night sets in this average signs will transform into the Incredible HULK!! Years back I posted the "Green Machine" in the Portfolio Board of this forum, the process I took to get a bright green sign and all the samples I did. That job is located here http://www.thesignsy...e-green-machine This project is just another spawn of that, a "redux" !! Green light source behind a green face, and the overwhelming power of rare-earth phosphors coupled with using 13 or 12mm glass....... I LOVE using small diameter glass!!! Yes, slightly more of a load, and more transformer is needed but, this is all about taking pride!! What's a little unique about this job compared to the latter ("Green Machine") is the neon processing of this one will for the most part be flawless especially when it comes to the electrodes using Fluxeon's "Electra" (Which we now sell here on the Sign Syndicate) Let's start from the beginning. In the Beginning there was Fluxeon's "Electra" processing this jobs electrodes each in a matter of seconds under a vacuum (Wham BAM, you're done). The neon is Elite Lamp Technologies Custom Coated Rare Earth phosphor "Kawasaki Green" or as I like to call it "Hulk Green", The Electrodes are Transco To Go's lead free "Novaglo Electrodes" Transco's Lead Free Novaglo Electrodes Here is the wall and structure I have to work with for this wall sign. Pretty easy when you do all the planning in the shop. No drilling holes to install this job in the field, NONE! Rare...no?!?!? The Rear open ceiling The installation components. Silicone GTO and Electrode Caps. This sign will be powered by a self adjusting magnetic transformer 10,500kv to 15,000kv. There is a five and a half inch space between the rear of the channel letters and the wet location raceway so on my pattern I placed all service holes dead center and used my pattern to make all raceway penetrations ahead of the installation day. I used 1/2" EMT with compression connectors for this. Disconnect with rubber boot. Don't forget to loose the "On/Off" plate to make the exterior seal water proof!!! Instead take a Sharpie and mark "On/Off", or just "Off". Porcelain bushings for all those high voltage pass thru's you need to make using GTO, I like the porcelains over the plastic bushings for HV. Again, PRIDE!!! Big beefy magnetic Transformer The shortest connection possible to your first neon lamps is ALWAYS best!!! To the right of the TANK you'll my double nutted structure ground, bottom for the feed and top for the tranny service ground.
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