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Found 2 results

  1. CONTRACTORS LICENSE Some interesting news for Californians directly from the CA License Board in the form of a newsletter and more reassurance to what I've been explaining on illegal activity, or illegal execution of contracts and illegal hiring of subcontractors. It was discussed some time ago (many times) about illegal subcontracting and I was trying to find the thread by someone from the California Sign Association who said it was okay for any lesser status sign contractors to upsell or up subcontract electrical work which is above their status because they were already a contractor. There was a brief debate because I knew it was still illegal. Anyhow, in California we have three types of sign contractors C-45 (illuminated & non) C-61 (Non-Electric) D-42 (Non-Electric) The CSLB has received numerous complaints of the C61 & D42 license carriers of executing and subcontracting out electrical signs, they go in to verify that this is illegal activity. It appears this statement takes it even a step further. If I'm reading this right unlicensed C-45 shops can't even build a sign, and sell it to a consumer. I wonder if that is right. But back to my original point, contractors of a lesser status cannot "subcontract" to a contractor of a higher status even though they themselves are a licensed contractor. ADVERTISING A new law Senate Bill 315 is giving more whip cracking power to the CSLB for anyone unlicensed contracting work over in combo of labor & materials of $500. It goes into to say their starting to crack down on Craigs List and other online bulletin ads. The new law also gives them the power to issue "Notices to Appear in Court" SOLAR This is just the beginning but glad to see it surface here in from the CSLB, but the contractors board has been getting more complaints on the over hype of solar power sales, false marketing, deceptive practices,and false return on investment claims resulting in "under-delivering". Sounds familiar with our own industry, maybe this should be raised with them as well. Something to chew on over for #TBT
  2. Spread the wealth? Leveling the playing field? Catherine Monson is comical. Catherine Monson doesn't even know her head from a hole in the ground to begin with when it comes to her "quickie, stickie" sign industry let alone the electric sign industry. She thinks it's "Unfair, and what ARE we supposed to do?" Some may remember her cluelessness from our review of here episode of "Undercover Boss" http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5597-undercover-boss-fastsigns/ Maybe we can stick her on a lift again but this time let her play around with some 800ma lamp connectors or a 15,000 volt tranny. What are 1,500 sign shops supposed to do if they don't have a master electrician in staff? Simple. Don't contract anything to do with electric signs. There is nothing hard to understand that in order to subcontract, you need to be a contractor. What's next, Home Depot to have a sign isle coming soon, shop for a sign and they sub too? maybe we should be able to install a sign and sub out the water heater work too? Good for Leona! Fight the ignorance of the elected officials. Here's a better question, what's the incentive to go out and get my master electricians license if all I have to do is hire one and slide the liability and responsibility on them? Why go through the proper channels of getting a license and understanding a trade an safety if all you have to do is seek one out to a job you think MIGHT be safe. Where is the International Sign Association on this? I wanna see them bring the rain on this one. Hopefully they'll correct Mrs Monson right after they've been congratulating here for her tv wash up. Illegally licensed Sign A Rama thread http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4491-illegal-unlicensed-signarama/ Controversy over electric signs splits industry By Laylan Copelin American-Statesman Staff Since last year, state authorities have conducted sting operations to enforce a new, literal interpretation of a 2005 law that bars sign companies from selling electric signs unless they are owned by master electricians or employ one. Luis Escobar, who has owned his FASTSIGNS franchise in South Austin for 15 years, has stopped selling electric signs because he wants to subcontract the installation to a master election a violation of state law. The dispute over employing versus subcontracting master electricians has split the sign industry in Texas and spilled over at the Capitol. The Texas Sign Association, dominated by master sign electricians, favors the tougher regulation while FASTSIGNS, which has 58 stores statewide, is supporting legislation to allow subcontracting again. Each side accuses the other of trying to get an advantage on the competition. They have essentially created a monopoly of sorts, Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS Inc., said of the Texas Sign Association. Although electric signs only account for 5 percent of FASTSIGNS revenue, Monson SAID customers are looking for the lowest price and the greatest convenience as they shop for vinyl banners, building or yard signs and electric signs. The customer doesnt want to go to one supplier for one type of sign and another for an electric sign, she said. Thats particularly true for corporations who can buy their signs from out-of-state firms, through the Internet, Monson argued. Leona Stabler, executive director of the Texas Sign Association, said FASTSIGNS is trying to escape regulation altogether. If Texas creates a law, it should be able to enforce it, Stabler said. If the exemption (for subcontracting) passes, no one needs a license or worry about public safety. Monson called that disingenuous, saying FASTSIGNS always subcontracted with master electricians, and that the law already allows 23 exemptions from the need to put a master electrician on staff, including pool contractors who subcontract electrical work. Stabler suggested that FASTSIGNS hire master electricians as part-time employees a solution that Monson said is impractical. She said there are 1,500 sign companies in Texas: How are you going to find 1,500 part-time master electricians? Both agree there is a problem with rogue sign companies installing electric signs without using a master electrician. Bill Kuntz, executive director of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, blamed a quirk in the wording of the 2005 law for the controversy. But he also cited a recent fire at a North Austin restaurant as the reason for requiring master sign electricians. Kuntz said the agency is still investigating whether the fire was caused by improper installation. Weve had some cases where people were installing signs without master electricians, Kuntz said. To enforce the law, state regulators pose as customers to see whether companies are complying. But does it really matter whether the installer is on staff or a subcontractor as long as the installer is a master electrician? State Rep. Bill Callegari, R-Katy, doesnt think so. This interpretation is not what we intended, Callegari said of the 2005 law. It guts the concept of subcontracting. Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, has filed the same legislation allowing subcontracting. Her bill, SB 803, is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Business and Commerce Committee on Tuesday. Without a change in the law, Monson said, Were all out of the electric sign business.
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