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A Saturday Night

Erik Sine


"A Saturday Night" of fun. Kirstie and I went out to dinner to "Outback Steak House" in Poway where there was an hour and a half wait, but just as we stepped in and gave them our names Kirstie located a two table booth at the far end of the bar where it's first come first serve. We got lucky and ordered some drinks and appetizers. Kirstie ordered ribs and I ordered a fat steak with garlic mash potatoes. An hour and a half went by which to us seemed like 20 minutes filled with fun conversation and just as we finished our names get called. I get the bill and just as I reach for my wallet I muttered "oh Shit!" I can't believe I left my wallet at home o­n the bathroom counter. I never leave my wallet anywhere! Luckily Kirstie had some extra cash in her purse along with a gift cert we got for our anniversary. I actually try this to get out of paying for dates. We went back home to get my wallet and then met up with Clint and Jackie at Camel Moutian's "The Irish Pub". A pub now owned by a cool bartender who always took care of me while I went there. As soon as he saw me walk in the front door he always had a pitcher of my favorite beer waiting. Talk about funny conversation all night there with Clint and Jackie. I can't go into details but definitlty memorable converation to say the least with great bar atmosphere. Fastest 3 hours I can remember in a bar for a longtime. Good times....



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