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Well as stated before in a previous thread.....It's OPEN HOUSE!!! In short the test results are available to everyone in the sign industry. All you have to do is log in to this site first, or register for free if you have not already done so, then visit the various light source testing project tutorials (listed below) and download the current .pdf test results.

The reason for this, I want a bigger participation. I think this industry needs it VERY bad because of all the industry myths and misinformation about light sources. Education seems to be lacking in this department and a lot of shops depend on the word of the manufacturer rep or a sign supplier rep.

The only thing we ask is, if you like what you see and if it helps you make better buying decisions for your sign applications that you build then you can support us and the tests we do by either upgrading your free membership to a Board Patron which has it's additional benefits or by purchasing electrical sign supplies that we sell here on The Sign Syndicate as you'll see in the test result sheets! :sml (26):

The Light Source Testing List:

One thing that we don't sell here on The Sign Syndicate for the exact reasons of these tests is sell Neon Glass or LED Modules because I know most would think us bias if we did. So because of this, we'll only sell electrical sign supplies that compliment these light sources such as LED power supplies, and neon wiring & Transformers etc.

You'll also notice a lot of Light Source MFG's signed up here on the Sign Syndicate and submitted their lamps for the testing. Some did not, and you'll see "Non-Willing Participant" next to their name in the Tutorial product listings. Most did not want to because they did not want to be compared or called out on their claims when they show up to your shop and tell you you should buy theirs because they are superior. Well, all we can do here is include some of those MFG's anyway and throw them up on the board and see where they might fall. We hope some of them at some point join us and take part because they want to. They ALL have an open invitation to do so. We thinks it's a good idea and there is a lot to learn and most of the time it just begs more questions than results can answer.

Since you may be new to these test results you might have questions, please feel free to click on the "Support Topic" button located in each light project tutorial or choose form the list here.


We have a lot of updating to do, so bare with us, we'll get to it!

This month we also get to introduce Project Blue Light Special a tutorial on fabricating blue faced channel letters. Within a month or so we'll start a new project on Green faced Channel Letters since a lot of large sign programs do green sign faced channel letters.

in case you can't find it, or find this sire confusing the Light Testing link is on the top menu bar, or click here


Not all tutorials are available for free members.

Once again we're making information available to the Electric Sign Industry that you WON'T find anywhere else, so your support is appreciated!

So log in to get access to the various Tutorials, download the newest test result sheet and Enjoy....and Cheers!!! :fnd (9):

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Yes, it's free to download the .pdf files for each of the 5 tests, the info on the initial tutorial posts about needing to upgrade your membership is outdated.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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