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  1. I think if I were you, I would be forming two different companies so that you only pay the high comp on the installers.
  2. we normally have a 30% markup on materials - 20% mark up on subcontract - our labor rate -135.00 per hr. 1 hr minimum on service with bucket plus travel time- 165.00 per hr for installations with bucket or crane - 2 hr minimum plus travel time - we have never charged anyone a service charge Thanks Michelle, To clarify, Is a 30% markup = to material cost x 130%?
  3. To clarify, Service Charge was suppose to be hourly rate for Service
  4. So I have read all about markup and pricing, margins and profits. But what about from one sign shop to another? A sign shop needs help installing because they are backed up, or maybe they just sub out all of they high work or electrical signs. What is standard markup on materials? Labor rate per hour? Service charge? Should it be the same as you charge the end user? One ol' boy said figure the job and give them 20% off the top. Give me your thoughts......EVERYBODY!!!!!
  5. Looking for referrals for LetterFab out of Colorado. A Letter set made in 5 days! can anyone vouched for their quality? Also considering Signfab (already seen the thread on Brian and Candy). Any complaints about Signfabs Quality or deadlines? After 9 yrs I am outsourcing everything for the first time. But I need Consistency, Quality and Delivery for a multi-tenant Facility. I welcome any advice. Thanks,
  6. I know we have ran this into the ground but,.... are those tube supports on the front of the sign, actually holding the face in? Because i don't see a retainer on the lower flange of that face. Some one needs to report this before we have another Taco Hell situation.
  7. Hell I think those assholes would not care if their name was posted on here they don't can't read If they even have a name! I keep loosing work to a company called "oh some guy I know who does sheet metal work", and apparently paint, vinyl, and neon!
  8. This restaurant should be boycott. If this is the competence they have for hired work, what's in my soup? I think I spotted the installers! Can you say Workman's Comp.!
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