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  1. Mr. Eugene;


    If the sign face you are refering to, is a Sprint/Nextell sign group ~ then your point of contact for a replacement, would be Chandler Signs, whose fabrication shop/Headquarters, is in Dallas, Tx.

    Chandler, did the nationwide Sprint/Nextell changer over back in 2006 - 2007.


    Very Respectfully,


    J. Gary Bodnar

  2. I have found many useful answers, & help for different sign projects here on this site. Whereas, I may not post everyday, I do post when I see something that peaks my interest. I find this site most informative & worthwhile. I wish it was around 14 years ago when I was first starting out in this business. I thank my lucky stars each time I log on to the site & post a question, which is then answered by many different sign people. The person from N Glantz who made that comment, should be given the cold shoulder for insulting the people who provide him w/ a paycheck - namely US
  3. To all; I am a Sign Designer with 14 years of experiance looking for full, part time, or contract work. I have experiance in channel letters, reverse channel letters, pylons, & monument signs. I have experiance in setting up production files for a CNC router, a CLN machine, & cut vinyl files. I am proficient in CorelDraw X4, Gerber Omega, & Sign Wizard. I have attached my resume & can provide letters of recomendation on request. Looking for employment in the San Antonio/Austin/Houston, Tx area, & would J._Gary_Bodnar_Resume'1.doceven consider moving back to Arizona fo
  4. I have joined the ranks of the unemployed, like so many others of us in the Sign Business

  5. Philip; Thanks for the info, I contacted Interstate Signs, & we dealt w/ Blake Yoder, a pretty stand up guy in my opinion - Interstate, has a pretty sweet deal, where if they fab your DOT signs, & you tell them what order you will be installing the signs, they have a really neat trailer that has your signs already loaded & in the order you specify, they bring you the trailer, you hook the trailer up to your truck & go to the first stop & remove old sig, pull new sign off of trailer & install, then proceede to next stop. No crating to remove & dispose of. You are a
  6. Geraldi; They are quite large, 9' x 20' & larger. I called a few places, that I was familiar with, & am still looking. I will know more today after the pre-bid meeting. Very Respectfully, J. Gary Bodnar
  7. Hello all; Looking for someone who can fabricate & ship overhead freeway - DOT signage. This is the kind you see on the freeway & interstates & you take your vacations & company trips. These signs use 3M engineer grade diamond reflective vinyl & EC film overlays. There are anywhere from 30 to 60 of these to fabricate & ship. Please e-mail me directly at gary@lewissign.com Very Respectfully, J. Gary Bodnar Graphics Dept. Manager Lewis Sign Buda, Tx. 512-312-4555
  8. Looking fwd to Christmas

  9. Hey Glenda; How are you doing; I am the Graphics Dept Manger for Lewis Sign, here in Buda, Texas now. We would love to be able to assist Flouresco in any way with any work here in Texas. You can e-mail me at gary@lewissign.com Very good Blog by the way. Very Respectfully, J. Gary Bodnar
  10. To All; I have been in this business for over 12 years, I started out laying vinyl @ a FastSigns in Glendale, Az & worked my way up thru the ranks to a designer & now a Dept. Head/Lead Designer w/ Lewis Sign here in Buda, Tx. Over the years I have experianced many different attitudes at the various sign shops that I have worked for. Some shops (alas very few of them) actually care about there people, but most of them do not. The majority of the ones I have worked for over the years have the policy of use them up, wear them out & toss them aside & hire some fresh ones. Some s
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