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  1. We had something like that - we put up a sign in a strip mall, and a month later they called, said the sign was out. Our service guy went up in the attic - the store next door had fly-by-night signs put a sign up, and those rat b****** stole all our transformers! They didn't even take our stickers off... just moved them over in the attic.
  2. I was getting ready for work and listening to the radio. I thought it was a small plane lost in the fog, then I turned on the tv and saw the carnage. When I got to work, everyone had gathered around the television. I guess the silence was universal... I still get tears thinking about it. That afternoon I made a bag of popcorn and accidentally opened it under one of the heat detectors, setting off the fire alarm. When the fire engines arrived, I almost cried. The crew leader said not to worry - it was a good distraction for them that day.
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