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Found 4 results

  1. The New December results are out! The Great White Hope - The High Powered white Neon & LED comparison (25,000+ Hours) - The coldest month in ambient temperatures. So what does that mean? It means neon takes a huge hit since last month, LEDs rose. Some long time products hardly to none at all with the lowest temp to date, curious to see if they finally hit that curve, will be interesting to see what happens in this next year Project Tighty Whitey - The Mid and Mini White LED only comparison (19,000+ Hours) - The coldest ambient temps to date for this project. Just about every single product rose with the temperatures, some stayed the same as last month, some are still degrading. The Red Light District - The Red Neon & LED comparison (13,000+ Hours) - With the coldest ambient temperatures for this project we see a rise in light output from all LED light sources, even a small rise from the Neon lamp which is a little odd since temperatures should not effect light output from gas lamp. Border Security - The Neon & LED Border Tube comparison (3,000+ Hours) - With the coldest month to date in ambient temperatures we are seeing a huge drop in light output from the neon sources. As you can imagine with no face covers to insulate compartment temperatures we get an even larger drop in light sources as it relates to neon in this test. What is odd interesting is hardly a rise in temps coming from the LED tubing sources, and that's likely because they are insulated to begin with. This month we started our RED section introducing Sloan LEDs StripeLED, and LEDNeon-Flex's pro line. This will be followed by neon source as well
  2. The Soap Opera continues. As predicted, Sloan (not the toilet/urinal manufacturer) fires N.Glantz & Son, borrows GE's boot, to give the boot. This was predicted back in April of this year when GE dumped N.Glantz & Son like an ugly girlfriend http://www.thesignsy...-dumps-nglantz/ This comes on the eve of SloanLED's release of "about to hit the market" new products. Since N.Glantz has a partnership with JT LED, they just can't be counted on for pushing and promoting Sloans new products. So now the rumor is, Sloan is going to Montroy. All in all, it just makes better business sense for N.Glantz to exile them all and make a better profit margin in this cut throat "budget LED" (which they lead) market that's going on right now, it's just one big race to see who can make it to the bottom first. If I had a horse in the race, which I don't this would be one race I'd suggest sitting out and watching only from the stands. After all, I thought the only reason why people watch NASCAR was for the big crashes.
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