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Found 20 results

  1. Got wind of this from a buddy? Anyone know about the sale and merger of these two companies along with Principal LED? What it might been for some products that might generate a conflict of interest that might cause some products to disappear out of the line up?
  2. $3.19 TRANSCO TOGGLE SWITCH SPECIAL For a limited time from now till Christmas you can get the Sign Industries #1 Selling Toggle Disconnect Switch for $3.19 each which comes in boxes of 25 + FREE SHIPPING. SHOPPING CART LINK These Toggle switches have a metal frame body, very few switches have a metal frame body. So when you tighten this switch attached to your sign body it won't crack causing your sign to fail. Plus, these switches have lead connector nearly 12" long so you won't have to add extended wire when you use them in Transformer or LED Power Supply Boxes
  3. I always love to share some of the projects that I get the opportunity to do once in a while when I do get one. I think these days I take on certain jobs just so I can share here on the Sign Syndicate the applicable use of some of the components that we stock and sell here through this site. Chances are sometimes someone may see something for the first time and that can be helpful. When I do these various jobs once in a great moon I like to show different vendors that I believe in. This time it's all Voltarc mixed in with Masters Technologies wet location sleeving and two piece electrode caps powered by Trasnco's military grade all 100% copper balanced Neon Transformers. So let's start from the beginning. The old building that's getting renovated. This landmark Tennis Store has been around the neighborhood since the 60's and it's a very known location if you play tennis in San Diego. There are no more Electrobit grounding rings available so now I have to turn to Masters Technologies Grounding Plates to bond conduit to conduit and conduit that is attached to the polycarbonate rears and in turn bonding the letter pan Here's what I'm working with behind the wall where the sign is located, a block wall with18" of height/clearance from stud floor to roof of wall for electrical access behind the letters Ever go to the sign shows years ago and see a lighted neon lamp sitting at the bottom of a fish tank filled with water? Well, this is the stuff...Enter Master Technologies wet location two piece caps and sleeving. This is a little further after drilling all the holes and placing all the polycarbonate rears. Here we're using Transco's Silicone Easy Caps and their 14 AWG Silicone GTO. The Neon Lamps are Voltarcs 12mm Green, their sickly bright at night you just wait! The small overhang room did make this installation VERY easy! The round logo box we used Voltarc's 15mm (Tri-Lite Triphosphor) One of the cool added parts of this jobs is the Stainless Steel overhang face they added for the renovation. Love the look, and we had a part to play to make sure it would make the single stroke of Voltarc's NeoBlue (Purple) pumped red would be applicable for installation. Doing a single stroke Neon border in this case Purple can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to installation but I made sure that the 56 liner feet would not be an issue. I wanted everything balanced and what better choice than the use of Transco's balanced UNT Tank to be a part of this project. Transco's Tank is a TRUE balanced Neon Transformer when you Mid-Point Return this unit, most other Neon Transformers you would have to perform a Virtual Ground Installation, and that "Balance" was my plan from the beginning. By doing a Mid-Point Return I turned this 15kv tranny into two separate 7,500kv's. Most importantly, I didn't run 20' of GTO from Transformer Terminal to the outer most electrodes like you see in so many cases (Conventional Series Wiring) which result in numerous maintenance calls down the road. Doing a Mid-Point ground I started at the center of my Neon Load making my runs only 18" from the Transformer secondary Terminals to the first set of electrodes that will work their way out bringing the outermost lamps or connection back to the transformer. If you were to take a High Voltage Probe and measure at the Mid-Point ground terminal you would have about 0 volts. Doing the installation this way assures VERY long life with the secondary conductors as short as possible. VIRTUAL RETURN WIRING CONVENTIONAL WIRING & MID-POINT RETURN WIRING Here in the Transco Transformer Box I have the two short secondary home runs splitting the 56' linear lamp foot load in half, with the return path coming from the outer most lamp connectors of the load. The Transco disconnect switch and double nutted ground with the panel ground at the bottom (structural) with the service ground which is the Transformer ground at the top. Before anyone asks, YES this is a shot before the Transformer box is sitting on top of treated studs! The Voltarc NeoBlue lamps which are pumped with Neon gas for the purple look with the two piece Masters Technologies wet location caps and sleeving which jackets over the Transco Silicone GTO. Finishing up and closing out this deal Finally, the night shots of this finished project All in all a fun job as usual and like any job with a few headaches along the way, if you have an upgraded membership as a member of "The Order" you can read about that. But nothing that didn't get remedied and most importantly the customer is VERY happy in the end. Total package 784 watts, 8 hours per day @ 365 days a year roughly $.12kwh = $274.71 as an annual cost of operation for wall sign mixed in with some linear border tube lighting, NOT BAD!! Special thanks to Joe Walsh of Voltarc for getting me what I needed to get this job completed!! THE PROJECT RECIPE Voltarc 12mm Green Voltarc 15mm Tri-Lite Voltarc 15mm NeoBlue (Pumped Red) Transco UNT Tanks Trasnco 14 AWG Silicone GTO Trasnco Silicone Easy Caps & Boots Transco Transformer Boxes Trasnco Disconnect Switches FMS Neon Tube Supports Masters Technologies Wet Location Sleeving Masters Technologies Wet Location Two Piece Caps Masters Technologies Grounding Plates Sheffield Polycarbonate
  4. Let's suppose you just signed a huge contract with your client work over 250k of exposed and halo lighting composed of pylon signs, wall signs, & border tubing. The application only makes for the use of outdoor transformers. Your client also demands a 5 year worry free electrical warranty which also includes the labor of any component change out that you chose for their project. As a seasoned sign shop and a professional who has years of case history to look back, and having the proper background on how to install, & load.....Which Transformer would you specify into your project if all were made available to you? Which GTO manufacturer would you use, again with every option available to you from your local supplier.
  5. ATTN NEON FOLKS: We just got our limited number of old Transco Porcelain TC200 & TC50 (Peanut) housings in stock to sell to you. These have 4 drain holes and zink hardware. We've already sold advance orders and this is a limited number that's available to the sign industry. They won't last too long, so get 'em while their HOT, don't delay and be left out leaving you to pull these out of old signs to use for new ones!!!! Call (619) 871-4008 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  6. Channel Bond & Resin Bond - Combo Special We're offering a bundle Channel Bond & Resin Bond Special. If you're in need of an adhesive to bond polycarbonate to polycarbonate, Plasco Trim Cap (For Channel Letter faces) to polycarbonate, or acrylic to polycarbonate then the one part system Channel Bond is for you! Channel Bond is a one part system. This means NO additional guns, nozzle tips, cartridges to purchase, in other words....NO waste, NO wasted half spent cartridges. Just pour back in the container when you're done using for another time!!! Resin Bond is your equivalent of Weld-On 3 & 4, used for acrylic to acrylic or acrylic to Plasco Trim Cap. Makrolon / Sheffield Plastics highly recommends using Channel Bond to fabricate channel letter faces with their polycarbonate! We can ship you one gallon of both Channel Bond & Resin Bond for $309.99 + HAZMAT & Shipping, or our combo special of one quart of Channel Bond & Resin Bond for $99.99 + HAZMAT & Shipping. To place an order you can buy direct from our online shopping cart LINK For inquires, full product & price list or large orders you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com Channel Bond a one part system that can be used in place of Lords 7550 Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Lords 7556 Urethane Adhesive Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 58, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 55
  7. Here's some pics of a Transco custom neon manifold system that are available. For questions or inquiries please email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  8. Erik Sine

    Manifold 006SM

    From the album: Sign Syndicate Products

    Transco Manifold available through The Sign Syndicate.com
  9. From the album: Sign Syndicate Products

    Transco Manifold available through The Sign Syndicate.com
  10. TRANSCO TOGGLE SWITCHES $3.25 EACH + FREE SHIPPING Sold in Boxes of 25 Visit our online shopping cart http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/12-disconnect-switches-components/ To place your order by phone call us at (858) 880-1400 or by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  11. Just to let everyone know we are now shipping Channel Bond and Resin Bond. You can also order directly from our store (Mainland US ONLY) HERE If you haven't ever used Channel Bond you are truly missing out. Channel Bond is a one part system that's used to bond polycarbonate to polycarbonate, especially polycarbonate to Plasco Trim Cap. Many people shy away from using polycarbonate as channel letter sign faces because they have had issues or problems bonding trim cap to polycarbonate or have heard there are issues from the rumorville. Makrolon / Sheffield Plastics highly recommends using Channel Bond to fabricate channel letter faces with their polycarbonate! Well I can tell you most of the issues people have had in the past with either by their own experience, or from heard from rumorville of other shop experiences in short.....Is simply not true. You can bond polycarbonate to trim cap but you have to do it right, and give it time. Most of the time people who have failed to bond the two materials did so because they bonded the materials incorrectly!!! Most of the time they simply applied the adhesive on top where the two materials are meeting, and NOT where the two surface faces actually touch each other. When shops don't do it correctly and have a failure it can lead to a misnomer that it cannot be done. The best part about Channel Bond is it's a one part system, I said a 1 part system!!! No need to go out and purchase a special gun that combines a two part system, NO need to buy nozzle tips, NO need to throw away good half spent cartridges because it's already been activated. With Channel Bond you just use Hypo Needle applicator and pour what you don't use back in the container, simple!!! No wasting!!! We are stocking Channel Bond in Quarts and Gallons, and here is a small job where we showed some uses of Channel Bond LINK Channel Bond a one part system that can be used in place of Lords 7550 Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Lords 7556 Urethane Adhesive Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 58, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 55 For any order or inquiry, or for a full product and price list you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com You can also order directly from our store HERE
  12. Here's a sign we I did for an old longtime client who asked me to remove one of my favorite little signs that I did for him a couple of years ago and replace it with a much larger wall sign. This time around I got the opportunity to get some very good advice from Sean (Fishing Nut) and Gary Nutting from this board in the early on stages of the project. In the end it swung another direction with color and the project got finalized with Tecnolux's Ruby Red pumped argon in 12mm for the lettering and their 4500 Tri-phosphor white in a fat 18mm for the outer border for that subtle accent look on the border. Ruby Red does NOT appear to be an easy product to order right now. From what I was told this factory direct order was the last for a while, how long can be anyone's guess. The Tecnolux Tri-4500 was a factory mfg direct order as well. Just like anything, if you work with neon plan on ALL your orders to be mfg direct be it FMS, EGL, or Tecnolux because not many sign suppliers stock neon anymore. In order. The removal of my favorite little neon sign. While we were on site for the sign removal we just went ahead and drilled the new signs mounting holes with a roll of my favorite Westrim gridded pattern paper. Some fresh from fab pics. My fab guy wasn't happy with me This raceway/cabinet we divided into three parts, the top two and bottom smaller cab. It just made it easier for me to move around, paint, and install since sign fabrication and installation is not my full time gig anymore. The universal access doors complete with clips The railing system for the easy transformer mounting and any future servicing
  13. Toggle Switch - Christmas Season Deal!!! For a short limited time and only during the Christmas Season, we're offering a promotional sale of toggle disconnect switches with silicone boot for $3.25 each in a package of 25 + FREE SHIPPING!!!!. To place an order you can buy direct from our online shopping cart LINK For inquires, full product & price list or large orders you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  14. Just a heads up we have one box of old Transco Porcelain Neon Housings and almost 2 boxes of glass 100 Neon housings on hand. If anyone needs 200, 200P, or 1019 Neon Porcelain housings we still have a pretty good stock of those too. if anyone is interested in these please contact us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  15. Lightning Deal!!! - Toggle Switches For a short time and only with a limited number, we're offering a promotional sale of toggle disconnect switches with silicone boot for $3.25 each in a package of 25 that also comes with free shipping. I'd like to get as many people to at least try these extra long (12") wire connector switches at least once. You can use these switches inside a transformer box for example without the need of additional wire hence the 12" long wire connectors. To place an order you can buy direct from our cart LINK For inquires or large orders you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  16. Just finished up a modest sized job that was interesting from the beginning. Originally we were going to use this staging/trussel from a previous tenant then it changed to a removal of the old sign from a previous tenant to adding the new sign on the lower floor. As some of you know I prefer to go neon for channel letters but for this particular job I listed it to be LED because of the original scope of the sign being to high up and access wasn't to.....accessible. The response from the client was unusual. This particular client who has multiple chains in AZ and in other states wanted nothing more to do with LEDs, in fact he said it MUST be "Neon". He started out using Neon as a light source, converted over with each new location, but after multiple problems with channel letters, pylon signs filled with LEDs, enough was enough for him. No longer did he want his image held in darkness. I had a good LED spec's out too, but that was okay because I LOVE Neon, and it's coming back! Trust me!! It's slow to coming back because there are a lot of shops out there that just don't know what their doing when it comes to neon, never did, and probably don't have the talented install crew to do it right. So to them, Neon IS the problem, not the lack of proper talent. LEDs have a tendency to create laziness of some shops becoming a Wham Bam thank you Ma'am now pay me the installations done. Besides, some have even laid off that talented crew who could do neon for people who can only peel and stick, and who can drill a 1/2" hole. Alright enough of the side jokes. I'm not a big fan of Day/Night signs, have did some in the past and liked using using transparent acrylic and diffusion film because I can't stand the day/night acrylic. So this was my first time using the 3M perf film which I said I would like to use one day over my old preferred process. He sent me a snap shot of a sign that was a friend of his, he said give me the perforated stuff!!! So began the journey! The journey of Day/Night. First I had to find and use a VERY bright light source. Not so hard to find that.....well.....let's take a step back. It is if you don't know where to look! If you want to use a Tri-Phosphor CCFL lamp not many of the usual sign suppliers even stock it. For this job I wanted to use FMS's Brillite again. Want bright? Serious Bright? I mean....serious Bright, then it's time to put away the conventional 15mm and somtimes 13mm glass and 12mm up. Try and find that at the usual Montroy's, N.Glantz & Interstates.....Good Luck!!!! But these days that's okay because FMS is now a glass mfg who you can buy direct. Drop a dime and a few days later the UPS guy shows up with over 50 lbs of glass with no breakage and a small charge of shipping. Shipping that would have been quantified had you called a sign supplier who would in turn drop a dime and drop ship it to you and collect a sales commish. Out with old...... .....and begin of the new!! Want a bright sign, just add a Brighton. My favorite trim cap....PLASCO. A trim cap that is sold here on the Sign Syndicate.com!! The 3M black perforated film with my choice plastic, Plaskolite 2447 LD With using the bright Brillite BL6500 Triphosphor Lamps, you need a good reliable power source, so enter the new Transco To Go UNT Tanks. Self variable/ adjusting transformers that will adjust to the load. With two models the 9kV series that goes from 3k to 9k and the 15kV model that will adjust from 10,550v to 15kv. Installation day. Even facing the sun light the Brilite tri-lamps put up a fight all of it's own. Hard to see, but used with Transco's silicone Easy Caps & Boots, along with their silicone GTO, all sold here on the Sign Syndicate.com
  17. Here's a small job I just recently finished. Small potatoes in size for sure, but what's more important are the components used, the pride taken even in the smallest of jobs AND the soon to be end result. Small sure, but large/bright light output when we talk "Green". IF there is anything about our electric sign industry when and where someone can coin a phrase "Going Green" AND mean it, AND back it up this is one of those instances. No blanket marketing claim talk here, and I wont try to convince you that what I can do will save the planet....truth is.....no one can, and she doesn't want/need our help. I'm not selling guilt to get you to buy something!!! The Mayan calendar expired and we're all still here, reality is here...and HERE is my "Green" project. Yes the sign is simple and average and during the day you would probably miss it. But once night sets in this average signs will transform into the Incredible HULK!! Years back I posted the "Green Machine" in the Portfolio Board of this forum, the process I took to get a bright green sign and all the samples I did. That job is located here http://www.thesignsy...e-green-machine This project is just another spawn of that, a "redux" !! Green light source behind a green face, and the overwhelming power of rare-earth phosphors coupled with using 13 or 12mm glass....... I LOVE using small diameter glass!!! Yes, slightly more of a load, and more transformer is needed but, this is all about taking pride!! What's a little unique about this job compared to the latter ("Green Machine") is the neon processing of this one will for the most part be flawless especially when it comes to the electrodes using Fluxeon's "Electra" (Which we now sell here on the Sign Syndicate) Let's start from the beginning. In the Beginning there was Fluxeon's "Electra" processing this jobs electrodes each in a matter of seconds under a vacuum (Wham BAM, you're done). The neon is Elite Lamp Technologies Custom Coated Rare Earth phosphor "Kawasaki Green" or as I like to call it "Hulk Green", The Electrodes are Transco To Go's lead free "Novaglo Electrodes" Transco's Lead Free Novaglo Electrodes Here is the wall and structure I have to work with for this wall sign. Pretty easy when you do all the planning in the shop. No drilling holes to install this job in the field, NONE! Rare...no?!?!? The Rear open ceiling The installation components. Silicone GTO and Electrode Caps. This sign will be powered by a self adjusting magnetic transformer 10,500kv to 15,000kv. There is a five and a half inch space between the rear of the channel letters and the wet location raceway so on my pattern I placed all service holes dead center and used my pattern to make all raceway penetrations ahead of the installation day. I used 1/2" EMT with compression connectors for this. Disconnect with rubber boot. Don't forget to loose the "On/Off" plate to make the exterior seal water proof!!! Instead take a Sharpie and mark "On/Off", or just "Off". Porcelain bushings for all those high voltage pass thru's you need to make using GTO, I like the porcelains over the plastic bushings for HV. Again, PRIDE!!! Big beefy magnetic Transformer The shortest connection possible to your first neon lamps is ALWAYS best!!! To the right of the TANK you'll my double nutted structure ground, bottom for the feed and top for the tranny service ground.
  18. Just thought I'd mention. For those of you who still have 18 AWG Integral GTO the U.L. deadline to switch from 18 to a required 14 has been pushed from January 2012 to October 2012. Wanna know the best part? You can still use the 18 AWG GTO well after October 2012, as long as the "Born on" or MFG date is before October 2012. So you can still buy your beloved Transco GTO in 18 AWG and continue to use it, STOCK UP!!!!
  19. The Sign Syndicate.com - February 2012 Video Update Fun, controversial, and always entertaining information of our electric sign industry. February 2012 video update for the Sign Syndicate.com
  20. The Sign Syndicate.com - January 2012 Video Update Late month of January 2012 video update for the Sign Syndicate.com
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