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  • !llumenati

NYC Fire Department September 11th Memorial   "  LADDER 343 "
Designed and Lettered by Paul Signs 

This Ladder truck will be used for Memorial and Ceremonial Functions only. 
It includes a Photo History starting from the Towers on fire, The Firefighters going to the Towers, After the Towers came down, The Recovery of the Firefighters and a final " Thank You " 
All 343 Names of every firefighter killed on that day are listed in alphabetical order on each side.

All Photos were Digitally Printed, 3M Reflective Stripes, and the rest is Vinyl, old school lettering

20 Years later. Some remember, Unfortunately others forget.


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That's awesome Paul, saw it on Instagram.  It's weird talking to younger people about 9II, they never knew or were too young to remember. 


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Nice Paul!   


i guess I'm really getting old since I don't think of vinyl lettering as "old school".  

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What a beautiful tribute. We will never forget!


  I remember that day like it was yesterday, sitting in the parking lot at the sign company I was with at the time, removing vinyl from a HVAC truck, getting ready for a refresh.  Like the world just stopped spinning, listening to the radio reports. 😪

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    • With Principal LED and Sloan's V-series (value line) LED lines hitting the market at extremely low pricing I noticed a surge in shops literally flocking to save on peanuts.   Here's a warning, be weary....It seems like Principal LED has taken a large step back in LED module quality as all their LED modules have gone all Constant Voltage.....no longer Constant Current.     Sloan's newest Value 4 line....the 2LED Module is now .96 watts per module with modest light output for that power....this module is also Constant Voltage Not Constant Current.  My thoughts on Sloan is for a high wattage module for modest light, it means the chip quality is not very efficient (Light output for power in).  They're having to pump in more juice to get more light.  More power means more heat, more heat is what kills LED life.   Constant Voltage Modules have no current regulation, their dependent on resistors and light output for the first module on a string is brighter than the last on that same string.  Constant Voltage Modules have a much shorter life than a current regulated Constant Current LEDs, where all modules on a string are equally bright.   An efficient LED chip will put out more light for lesser power, the lesser the power the longer the life.   Hold on to those long warranties....if they're still valid.  You'll have a lot of paperwork to fill out and keep track of     Sometimes companies get so large they end up using their name to sell products for products that use to be better....   Just some thoughts and opinion
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