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The East Coast vs West Coast Trim Cap Thang

Trim Cap  

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  1. 1. What size trim cap do you use for channel letter faces 24" and smaller?

    • 1"+
    • 1"
    • 3/4"

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I don't understand it.

For myself and when it comes to standard channel letters 24" and smaller I usually would have used 3/4" Trim Cap. This seems to be the consensus on the west coast because I stock primarily 3/4" for most shops on the west coast who call to order.

Yet, sign shops say...east of Colorado typically us and call to order 1" for everything 24" and under.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • Board Patron

In 24 years. I can't remember using, or seeing 3/4" trim spec'd. I'm not sure if the supply houses around here stock 3/4". I never recall them trying to push it.

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  • !llumenati

1" out here. Also a case of shop spec for face thickness. 1" allows better for face thickness and bit more room for screw before edge of material and edge of t/c.

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1" out here. Also a case of shop spec for face thickness. 1" allows better for face thickness and bit more room for screw before edge of material and edge of t/c.

This is where I think it get's interesting and this comes down to Jewelite vs Plasco.

1" Jewelite DOES give you more room over their 3/4" when you use a 3/16" CL face.

However, a 3/4" Plasco Trim will give you that same room as 1" Jewelite because of the extrusion difference. Jewelite has that arrow extrusion on the face so you loose about 1/8" or 3/16" of material on the face or in front of the face alone. So now that I think about it, that's why 1" Jewelite is so common. Plasco is almost flush with the face so 3/4" trim will work fine.

Many people may not know, or have experience with Plasco because for years prior to 9/11 is was the dominant trim on the west coast which I don't think ever reached anything beyond the wid-west

But, 1" Jewelite you're paying $65 to $75 per roll. Plasco 1" trim if that's your preference size you're only paying $52.75 BUT, you don't need 1" Plasco you can use 3/4" and have that same room as 1" Jewelite and you can expect a cost of $44.75. To top it, you're also getting 15' more on your roll of trim cap whereas Jewelite only has 150', Plasco 165'

So the clearance on the 1" Gary sums it up for me and the reason for it. I've used the 3/4" Jewelite and yeah, if you were using a 3/16" you don't have a whole lot clearance to fasten that face to the letter returns, it's very small because of the arrow type extrusion.

Interesting, guess that's why the 1" is so used so highly east of Colorado. I think you just helped Gary how I can better explain to people what they can use 3/4" Plasco Trim to their preferred 1" Jewelite! The clearance is the same for mechanically fastening and you can pay considerably less for it, almost $30 less per roll and get 15' more!!

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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I'm going to update this with some measurement pics but something just happened last week that also goes along with this and I should have asked "why"

I have an east coast customer buy/try a couple rolls 1" Plasco because he uses 1" Jewelite and that's what he's used for 12 years. With his order I send him a sample keychain with the colors etc

Just last week he then bought 6 rolls of 3/4". I should have asked "why" he went to 3/4" but i have a suspicion it's because the clearance is there with the 3/4"roll of Plasco and he thought why pay the $70 per roll he was paying when he can do the same with a 3/4" Plasco roll and pay just about $30 less and get more per roll. If you think about it, he just saved himself $180 on 6 rolls and got 90 more feet of trim

I'll have to call him and ask, but I think this is why.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • !llumenati

Interesting point that should be a major factor in selling. Damn, you are good Eric. Kgirl might think about keeping you.

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Alright, in the words of Telford "If you can measure it...it must be true"

Here is the comparison on both Plasco vs Jewelite and the clearances.

The comparison based on the baseline of the channel letter face


1" Jewlite and clearance for fastening


1" Plasco and clearance for fastening (More Clearance than 1" Jewelite)


3/4" Plasco and clearance for fastening (Just as much clearance as 1" Jewelite)


3/4" Jewelite and clearance for fastening (Less clearance than 3/4" Plasco)


1" Jewelite arrow extrusion protrusion (Greater than 1/4")


So the if clearance is why you use 1" Jewelite over 3/4" Jewelite for 3/16" face material, you can do the same with 3/4" Plasco and save about $30 per roll and gain 15' MORE per roll.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • By Erik Sine

      I am very proud to announce that we NOW stock Jewelite (Vidon) Trim Cap
      We just brought in a good sizable stock load of both 1" & 3/4" Trim Caps.  One of the awesome things about Jewelite is, it's now of the few components in our trade that is actually made right here in the Good ol' U.S. of A
      Our Current Sign Syndicate Trim Cap Pricing as follows:
      3/4" x 150'  6+ Rolls $46.75 each    1-5 Rolls  $51.25 each
      1" x  150'   6+ Rolls $56.75 each     1-5 Rolls $61.25 each
      **Discounted shipping on orders of 6 or more rolls.
      You can call in/email your order 858.880.1400  |  orders@thesignsyndicate.com  or try our online shopping cart 
    • By Erik Sine

      3/4" ($47.75) & 1" ($55.75) + Shipping
      Colors are below

      * Black
      * White
      * Gold
      * Silver (Brushed Silver Appearance)
      * Bronze
      * Duranotic Bronze
      * Orange
      * Red ( 3M Poppy Red 3630-143 | Pantone 179 C )
      * Blue ( 3M Intense Blue 3630-127 | Pantone 300 C )
      * Dark Blue (Avery Dark Blue 8500-007)
      * Yellow ( 3M Sunflower 3630-25 | Pantone 124 C )
      * Green ( Oracal Emerald Green 8800-087 | Pantone 348 C )
      Some notes I'd like to add about this product.

      Some may have used this product in the past and some may have never had a chance. This product disappeared from suppliers right after 9/11 from what I understand there were Customs issues that made it too costly to bring in.

      IF you remember this product from long ago, you will be glad it's back (just like the reaction I've gotten to all who have purchased from me).

      IF you have never used it, your fabricators will love you for using it, it's MUCH MUCH easier to work with and notch, you won't get those splits you sometimes get on corners.
      My other understanding is that this product was mainly distributed on the west coast, so not many on the east coast have ever tried it. My advice is try it, believe me YOU will LOVE it!

      Before 9/11 I used PLASCO and the Silvatrim Trimcaps. I still have signs up 16+ years and this trim cap is still up, it's very durable.
      PLASCO Trim for Polycarbonate Channel Letter Faces
      Plasco is an excellent channel letter trim cap to be used to fabricated polycarbonate / Lexan channel letter faces. We also stock Channel Bond, the 1 part system which makes it easy for bonding Plasco Trim to Polycarbonate. You can also find Channel Bond here
      In another thread I was asking why anyone east of Colorado "WHY" they mainly buy 1" Jewlite and not 3/4" Jewelite for 24" Channel Letters and smaller.
      The reason seems to be is that when you use 1" Jewelite with a standard 3/16" channel letter face the 1" Jewelite gives you more clearance because the arrow extrusion protrudes more than 1/4" from the face giving you less mechanical fastening room. Make sense but 1" is very tough to notch, bend and get in small letter centers too because of that arrow extrusion.
      I was always use to Plasco Trim Cap in my years of the sign industry, NOT Jewelite because on the West Coast Plasco was stocked more than Jewelite before 9/11. So after this "clearance" point was brought up I did some quick measuring because I had a east coast client buy Plasco 1" to match up with his regular use of 1" Jewelite. Then shortly after receiving his order with 3/4" samples he soon after starting ordering 3/4". I asked him why the change in smaller trim. He said the change was because the 3/4" Plasco trim gave him the same fastening clearance that he got buying 1" Jewelite. 
      I've attached some images to show you that you can use 3/4" Plasco Trim Cap that will give you the same clearance as 1" Jewelite IF clearance is important to you.
      Plasco vs. Jewelite - Here we display the channel letter baseline along with the clearance you get using 3/4" & 1" Plasco / Jewelite Trim Caps

      1" Jewelite clearance

      1" Plasco - More mechanical clearance than 1" Jewelite

      3/4" Plasco - Just about the same mechanical clearance as using 1" Jewelite

      3/4" Jewelite - Less mechanical clearance than 3/4" Plasco

      1" Jewelite - Arrow extrusion protrusion more than 1/4" past the channel letter face.

      http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/miscstuff/adverts/examples/Plasco Trim Cap.JPG

      You can contact me by email for orders / inquiries at
      orders@thesignsyndicate.com or (858) 880-1400 or purchase from out online Shopping Cart
    • By Erik Sine
      Apparently Jewelite is out of their Gold Trim Cap until July / August, so we've been getting a lot of calls from large Sign Shops for orders of Plasco's 1" Gold to complete a rather large Sign Program.
      So I dug out a Jewelite Sample of Gold, compared to Plasco's Gold Channel Letter Trim Cap.  


      In the comparison, Plasco has just a more nicer gold color, Jewelite looks more of a washed out metal coloring with a little gold in it, IMO.  
      If you're looking to see the Gold difference between the two to substitute, I think using Plasco 1" Gold Trim Cap will make those signs look so much better.
    • By Erik Sine
      Like everywhere else if you're very fortunate to be busy during this shut down, some business's are still willing to upgrade their branding in these slow depressing times
      We removed some outdated retail signage and upgraded them to their current look.
      I know, this is normally just an average channel letter sign....*Yawn*......but what's unique is the lighting system that powers it at night.
      The Illumination?
      BrightON II 24v constant current NOT constant voltage ....LEDs instead of the industry typical 12v LEDs for half the amperage across the wire and components which translates to less heat, resistance, and in return a MUCH better system for dependability.  Not even to mention just how much light for very little power you get from the super high efficient BrightON II Chips with the added 175˙ high efficiency optics.  Another advantage of 24V is the typical single channel power supplies are 96W, which means you can et LOTS of LED modules on a single power supply (less parts, less problems) which leads me to the next part...
      The system doesn't stop at the LEDs, it continues with France Lighting Solutions "True Power" LED Power Supplies.  The Electric Sign industries unique and sole 100% load Power Supplies, no not 85%, not 80%.....100%.  5 year Labor / 5 Year Parts.   If you've been in this industry long enough I don't even need to mention what "France" products mean....it mean Longevity & Dependability...just the BrightON II LEDs
      Front and Rear illuminated channel letters.  France Westrim Pattern Paper 

      15" thick Tilt-Up Wall with plenty of rebar, WOOOHOOO!!

      France Lighting Solutions Power Supplies of course.  The Atlas series with diagnostic LED lamp

      The Finished Day Look

      The Night Finished Look.
      For typical 5" deep return channel letters with front illumination light output measured right on the face for decent or as most LED MFG's like to say..."usable light"... if you have a light meter on hand ....."usable light" is right around 150 - 165 Foot Candles....that's just your typical even lighting number.  
      The BrightON II at full stretch already exceeds that and with fewer modules compared to competitors using higher powered LED modules.  This set right here gave us an average of 213 Foot Candles right on the face despite the light loss coming out of the rear.  Brighton LEDs are "Competitive Light"...NOT "Usable Light"

      In the end?  
      The client letting me know that they are VERY happy and that the sign looks AWESOME.
      These are the types of signs you flash to potential clients....Bright, Dependable, & Happy Reviews by Happy Customers.  If this sign was in a shopping center the light output alone would stand out, and far above other competing signs.
      The Recipe:
      Autohaus Plexiglas MG
      3M Translucent Films 
      BrightON II 24v LEDs
      France Lighting Solutions LED Power Supplies
      Westrim Burroughs Pattern Paper
      Plasco Trim Cap
      Paige Wall Busters
      3/16" Polycarbonate Plaskolite
    • By Erik Sine
      What's just as good if not better than our Channel Letter trim Cap?

      Our fresh batch of Syndicate Bootleg Brewing "K-Liscious Summer Sunset Ale", that's what!  It goes perfect with Trim Capping, it gives your finger tips a cool buzz feeling while saving the taste of hoppy goodness!
      By the way, I STILL don't get why most of you buy 1" Jewelite or 1" Plasco trim Cap for your average size letters.  3/4" PLASCO has the same mechanical clearance as 1" Jewelite, and again MUCH easier to work with without having to worry about bending that Jewelite arrow trim around tight corners and bends for small letter faces.
      Check this out, see.....same mechanical clearance!

      So why spend the extra money on 1" Jewelite???
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