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The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

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The Sign Syndicate "Meet & Greet" 2015 - ISA Expo

- 2012 Orlando Meet & Greet


- 2013 Las Vegas Meet & Greet


Alright, well this is the official Sign Syndicate 2015 Meet & Greet Thread.


CENTRA BAR - Luxor Hotel

APRIL 10 Friday, 2015

6:00 PM - 8:00PM

Same place as our 2013 Meet & Greet, for those who showed up. The Vegas Meet is never as large as Orlando I don't expect a large crowd and that's because well.....there's just too much to do in Vegas! BUT, we'll have our annual meet at the Centra Bar Located right in the middle of the Luxor Hotel casino floor.

Look for us, Kirstie & I will be there with beverage in hand, we'll be the group with bright LED "blinkies" attached to our shirts, necks, or fingers. Come on by and introduce yourself, and of course have a beverage!

After the Meet we'll go and get into trouble somewhere, just not sure where.....but it'll happen!!!

Please chime in if you plan on stopping by so I have an idea about how many blinkies to bring with me :P or you can always email us admin@thesignsyndicate.com or call us 858-880-1400

Centra Bar Map, so you can find it/us!


What it looks like the last time we were there, things change!


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • !llumenati

You folks have fun... Will miss seeing everyone. We will be busy moving at that time. Get out of this over taxed wacky state.

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You folks have fun... Will miss seeing everyone. We will be busy moving at that time. Get out of this over taxed wacky state.

GN, I will miss you terribly! Sin City wont be the same!! Sending you kisses!!!!



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Sin City here we come. Just love getting out of San Diego for some "real" fun and of course seeing ALL of you....Business and pleasure, nothing better than that! See ya'll in a few weeks.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Bumping up one last time for the front page. Looking forward to seeing you all!

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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We outta here, hope to see as many of you folks as we can! :syndicate::welcome1l::fnd (8)::beerchug::fnd (9)::beer-1::eyebrow::5shots::fnd (1):

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • By Erik Sine
      This is the official thread for this years Sign Syndicate.com's Meet & Greet.
      CENTRA BAR - Luxor Hotel
      April 5, 2013
      6:00 - Till ???
      We'll keep this thread updated but it looks like we're going to to have this years meet held publicly at the Centra Bar in the Luxor Friday Night.
      If we do go ahead with the pvt party, it will be in a reserved part of a night club named privately and by invite only, so chime in here or message us at admin@thesignsyndicate.com and let us know your name and how many. Need to call us before or while at vegas? (619) 871-4001
      DON'T FORGET......look for the crowd wearing the "blinkies".
      The Centra Bar then is nice and open right on the middle of the casino floor so it should be easy to find us. At Orlando I heard it was hard to find us because the front desk person changed the new person did not know our party was on the patio and some people turned around thinking it was not happening. But, it wasn't hard to spot us with a bunch of people walking around with LED blinking bling.
      Hope to see the usual people and a bunch of new people. Time goes so fast so I hope I meet and get a chance to talk to everyone.

    • By Erik Sine
      Who's going?
      We'll be staying at either at the Luxor or Excalibur and will be doing a road trip for this one since we're so close.
      There has been some talk of doing something jointly with a few vendors as far as a meet goes but at the very least we'll meet up at the Centra Bar located in the middle of the casino floor at the Luxor Hotel if nothing gets done for that Friday Night. After all, it's Vegas and the turn out for these things is usually pretty small compared to Orlando where there really isn't anything to do over there. Vegas has waaaaay too many distractions and we plan on being distracted and getting into some trouble ourselves
      I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and well as putting a face with a name.
    • By Erik Sine
      Some bad news.
      We'll most likely be taking a pass this year with attending the Orlando ISA Expo as well as having a Syndicate Meet & Greet. We have too much going on this year. We might make it last minute and if we do we'll let you all know and maybe we can have a small intimate meet at a pub or something.
      I think this is the year that the Western States Sign Show is on later in the fall here in so cal, so we'll probably do that.
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