The Sign Syndicate - March 2017 Video Update
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    • By Erik Sine

      We're proud to announce that the Sign Syndicate will start offering all our members our new LED Power Supplies by Union Elecom Company
      After talking to a few friends of mine that produce signs as well as distributors Union is a Kick-Ass company with a very little to no failure rate. We will be stocking the 120 watt dual channel ($49.99) as well as the 60 watt ($34.99). Their 100 to 277volt, 5 year warranty and just like our Reckless NC LED's their IP68.
      Union 60 Watt Units $32.99 each
      Union 120 Watt Dual Channel $47.99 each
      12 pack FREE SHIPPING
      Union 60 Watt $395.88
      Union 120 Watt $575.88
      We will have our standard online pricing and discounted price for those customers who purchase our NC Reckless LED's!
      Knowing first hand the needs of the electric sign industry needs because we are from the electric sign industry here we are bringing you another High-End, low problem, KICK ASS product to go with the other ones we believe in!
      The best part about this Power supply is.....say it with me......NOT made in CHINA!!!
      You can visit out online Shopping Cart and order here or call in 858-880-1400 /
    • By Erik Sine
      With everything we here in the news no matter what side of the line you stand on by your beliefs or politics one thing most of us in this industry really care about when it comes to life is.....

      The NC LED Reckless, The brightest longest lasting LED in it's class under 1 watt per module.  Constant Current NOT the cheap "Eco" Constant Voltage, light degradation is ONLY 3% in 15,000 Hours of operation.  High Grade Samsung Diodes...we have no problem in telling who we use or try to hide that in FACT, we're proud of Samsung you get a nice true white in light.
      Best part about our Reckless LED's.....their NOT made in CHINA!!!!
      For more shameless information on The Reckless visit:
    • By Erik Sine
      Are a lot of you using LED's for Cabinet Lighting, new and retrofits?  I'm curious about your input on the brightness appearance. 
      Is it as good as Fluorescent lamps (T8's and T12's)?
      What products have you been using for this?
    • By Erik Sine

      It really should make you wonder when you have a LED Sales rep / Lighting Engineer talking to you over the phone trying to sell you their LED's who are a Sign Company NOW also branching out to sell their LED's which I think everyone has seen in all the sign magazines now where they ship you off their little "light box". I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.

      I asked him where their LED's are being made, "China...they're the brightest....with very little light decay and will last 11 years" he replied.

      "I see........Uhh..who is the diode manufacturer?" I replied

      "I Can't tell you" he said.

      "You don't know?" I followed up with.

      "No, I know....I just can't release" he said.

      "Why is that?" I asked.

      "It's proprietary's our secret sauce formula you know?"

      "It's a secret?....that makes me cautious actually. As you know there are a lot bad diode manufacturer's and grades of each Diode......that doesn't make me confident in not knowing who you are using" I ended our conversation with.

      For a LED product manufacturer not to tell you who they are using is NOT good, it also should tell you their not that confident either. It means you will be retrofitting your customers signs out shortly after!

      I'm VERY confident and PROUD to tell you what diodes we have in our products, Samsung and Nichia!

      Finally we can also proudly say that these products are NOT made in CHINA!!!!

    • By Erik Sine
      We're doing WAY better than expected on the NC LED HLC Series that we can't even keep up with the demand so as of right now there is no HLC2 stock in America, LoL (Plenty of HLC3 & 4)
      I want to give a big sincere thank you to all those of our existing customers who have dared to try something new, once you did like myself there was no going back....sort of like coming into this industry, once you're in it's very hard to leave or go another direction.
      It' the growing pains we and NC LED are going through, we're asking for more than they can pump out and they had to grow with the American demand of an awesome product!
      More an more will be produce, and as of right now I'm having a few cases over nighted direct from Korea to ease the demand until the rest come by boat in a normal shipment which takes 2 weeks normal ocean travel.
      Anyhow, it's been a learning experience and I can't tell you how excited I've been bringing in a superior product, helping in it's configuration as a premium product to meet the demand for a high-end light source and for High-end customers. It's been an experience to see this go from an underdog product in our testing so many years ago to dominating the competition with their claims of "the brightest....the best.....the longest lasting" So many 6500K LED modules that never looked like a true white, the quality of NC LED is amazing an it's an amazing ride that I never want to get off of.
      Check out the lineup comparison below, yes....ALL supposed to be 6500K!!!!
      We will be doing better in availability and the quality will always be there. Go #TeamNCLED
      NOT Made In CHINA!!!!