USHIO Filament s14 LED Bulb
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NEW USHIO Filament s14 LED Lamp


Kgirl USHIO Filament 0472.jpg



We're proud to announce USHIO's newest generation s14 LED Lamp for Accent Lighting, Marquees & Signs!!!


Ushio America introduces the new U-LED™ Filament LED S14 lamps. Ushio brings modern technology to classic design with these LED S14 lament lamps. These lamps provide the timeless look of an incandescent lamp with the energy eciency of LED technology. U-LED lament LED lamps have no visible circuit boards or heat sinks, they are dimmable and provide an omni-directional light that replicates the appearance of incandescent lament lamps.


Unlike traditional incandescent, the U-LED S14 lamps operate cool to the touch while saving up to 90% in energy costs. These LED lamps provide 150 lumens and consume only 1.5W of power. U-LED S14 lamps are rated for 25,000 hours and approved for wet location operation.  Ushio America is proud to stand behind these energy-saving lamps with a 3-year limited warranty. The U-LED S14 lamps are available in E26 medium base with soft white color temperature (2700K).


What's awesome about these new lamps are obviously, at first glance is the filament appearance over the crystal LED...but their also a LOT brighter than the previous generation.


One thing that needs to be emphasized is the fact that these are U.L. Approved to use in Wet Locations.  A lot of lamp manufacturers will claim this but they have no UL Paperwork to back that up and it gets a lot of Custom Sign Shops in deep Doo Doo with their UL inspector.


• Up to 90% Energy Savings

• Dim, Cycle, and Flash

• Wet Location Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Use

• Direct Replacement for 11W S14 Lamps

• 25,000 Hours Rated life

• 3-Year Limited Warranty


Downloadable File Sheet : SS-filament-led-s14.pdf



USHIO S14 LED Lamp Demonstration Video


USHIO Filament S14 LED Lamp Demonstration Video




For Placing Orders / Inquiries, you can email or call - (858) 880-1400 You can also purchase from out online Shopping Cart


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Here's some projects done by a few customer/members using the our USHIO Filament LED s14 lamps



Heritage Sign Co

Ushio Bulbs Heritage 1k.jpg



Chandler Signs

".... I’m glad we went with your bulb because they added flashing.....There is also a rooftop sign but I don’t have any good close up shots of that...."


USHIO Broadway Apartments.jpg


USHIO Broadway Rooftop.jpg



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