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Erik Sine

LED Components - You Should Be Worried

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With the Economic War between the US and China rages on, we're starting to hear about manufacturers in China already sending out notices to American Sign Suppliers/MFGs that rises in product costs are here....and coming.


For the longest time China has had the Monopoly in manufacturing because of unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, very low almost slave-like wages for their people where a lot of employee safety at times is called into question.  There isn't exactly a OSHA or Labor Board in China, nor do their factories abide by the same the same environmental regulation & safety standards that American companies have had to abide, pay, and follow by on the world stage, China was always given a free pass and has always been viewed as a under developed country that should receive a handicap.....and we have to ask why?


Yes Erik we know this......So what does this have to do with LEDs?


If Chinese components weren't already unreliable, and low quality as it is, just think of how their going to be now as this trade war rages on.  If China is already having to raise their prices, what do you think will happen to the quality compared to now if their going to have to cut cost just to keep up in sales?


Most American sign component manufacturers who have exported their jobs to China have always had nightmare issues with these plants doing almost anything to save a penny.  Remember all those failure batch issues in the past????  Now it will get even worse. 


China is losing the trade war.


It's been entertaining to see all these US Sign LED manufacturers who's products are being produced in China, and some who buy just components and then claim the.... "Assembled in America" to offer 7....8..... and now 10 year warranties for their products. 


Forget what's to come tomorrow with costs that will be driving quality downward, could those warranties even be trusted from products being sold today? 


Seriously, we're no dummies, and neither are the consumers.


If Nearly 85% of the companies who's products were in our Sign Syndicate Light Test Comparisons could barely make 15,000 hours of operation without a large portion degrading in light output, how can they make 7 years, or even 10?  Any logical person knows it's always just been a marketing PR stunt.......and I suppose maybe some .33 watt constant current LEDs could make that, but who uses low wattage LEDs for electric advertising?  You can use those but you'll need a crap load just to get near equal light of the high powered stuff but that's VERY un-cost effective.


Some shops won't care, they'll just throw their arms in the air and say "that's the sign industry...the consumer will eat it".  That's fine if you want to live for today, and die tomorrow with a list of angry customers and Yelp reviews. 


But....if you sell quality and stake your reputation on what you produce and put put, you should care, and you should be worried.


It won't get any better anytime soon with Chinese products.  The more the playing field gets leveled between the our Grand Country and China,  Chinese products will not be able to stay as low as they have been, or.....at least not the types of products you would want them to be at or expect them to be at. 


Chinese manufacturers will shave what they can, when they can, and cut the quality at will just to make that extra penny, their known for that!


You can be sure of something that won't change when it comes to LED components for the American Sign Industry, and that is when it comes to any components NOT made in China.  The world still spins on that access and it's been unaffected on that front


Why buy/support products from a Dictatorship that suppresses it's people, manipulates free trade, and interferes/obstructs with the US, in government affairs or by hacking?  China is NOT our friend, and their not exactly our enemy.  I know sometimes we have no choice, but when you don't have to...don't!


That is why if you're going to buy overseas components, buy from our friends and allies first. Countries who have our backs, and we have theirs, and who's people we have fought side by side, and scarified with.


Especially from countries who have the highest in quality control standards.


This is just one of the reasons why we have been proud, and excited to work with, partner with NC LED from Korea.  The quality has not changed, the products are getting better, they have high work ethic standards as well as high product standards and their quality control is equal to that of Japan.  They are the complete opposite in every facet of CHINA.


Our NC LED products do NOT change year after year like just about every LED manufacturer, going from version 2 to version 10.  When something works we stick with it and we're BIG on that!


With uncertainty from China in the air when it comes to LED Lighting products and Power Supplies


Our prices for high quality products have always been VERY competitive, and lower compared to most lower quality products in a lot of cases.  The goal post will not change, the high standards bar will never be lowered.


Give us a try on your next job, you'll have consistency, dependability and you'll be much happier that you did!


NC Color Line UNION 1018.jpg


NC White Horse 1423-0918.jpg


Kgirl NC NANO 0918.jpg


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We have difficulties with Communist China that are outside of the sign industry world. ON a basic level, their form of government is rife with corruption that is endemic to their entire economy.

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Great post Erik!  Some folks (Democrats) are upset about the "war" President Trump is having with China (and others).  I say it is about damn time!  Every President before him has tip toed around what they have been doing trying to appease them for whatever reason.  The big dog is in the house now, and he is kicking down some doors!  I say HALLELUJAH!  It's about damn time!

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Trump wants Chinese parts out of American weapons. Especially those spy chips! 

 Time to expose the enemies in our own government.

Protect against enemies foreign and domestic 

Edited by Salsa Signman

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All I can say is ata boy uncle Donnie. My inspectors are bitching about having too many inspections on their daily schedule, property managers are filling up their centers and when I ask why?  Its always the same story, thanks Mr T.

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