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Signcomp plastic tensioning clips

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I freaking hate the plastic clips!     Working on a big face replacement in the air and the junk cabinet has sagged down.   This is the type of extrusion that the face is a full bleed to the edge of cabinet.     Any tips we are getting some puckering right at the edges. 

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does the cabinet lack structure? if so as you tension the cabinet will move also.  when we do a big signcomp flex, we only put the clip in 1 click at first, then go around cabinet and click each1 one click. if you are impatient and rush this, problems surface.

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Fabricate and install some retainers and charge the customer! :D


If its a structural issue with the cabinet, maybe that's the only viable option. If you have to remove those clips for servicing, its just setting up a nightmare for someone in the future otherwise.

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On 8/11/2020 at 11:10 AM, spectrum maine said:

does the cabinet lack structure? if so as you tension the cabinet will move also.  when we do a big signcomp flex, we only put the clip in 1 click at first, then go around cabinet and click each1 one click. if you are impatient and rush this, problems surface.


We like the plastic clips.   I completely agree with the 1-2 click rule.  Having that extra travel has saved us a few times.   We get the face fairly tight/smooth then go around the whole thing depressing the clips another click or two as needed.   The tensioning tool makes short work of that last little bit.  Puckering might be a sign of having it too tight as well.    Yes, I've done that.  Either that or the sign needs additional supports.   Its amazing how much tension a flex face puts on a cabinet, especially if it was not designed for a flex face originally.  

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Hi this is TJ with SignComp


Brian - Sorry to hear of the puckering with your flex face replacement. Our Customer Service is available from 8am to 5pm EST at 877-784-0405 and we are here to assist if you need it.


We sell a few flex face systems globally and I can assure you the plastic clips are the most popular as they allow precision tensioning that a wedgeclamp can not and with regards to size they are used on more supergraphics than any other system.


Full bleed will always be more a bit more difficult than a framed application as a frame or a cover can hide some edge imperfections, however it is completely doable. The full bleed is by far the most popular from an aesthetic choice which is why you see it more often.


I agree with some of the other comments.......1 click all the way around first to make sure all is square and started correctly by pushing any puckers by hand out towards the corners........and then around again, however never over tension.


If your puckers are right at the final inches of the corners, we have found a technique where you do not cut the extra flex face corner away, but instead you twist the flex face with a pair of pliers and then push it into the frames corner with the butt end of the tension tool. This action helps pull-out those puckers right into the corner. Note: this corner puckering can happen on any bleed frame system as any mitered corner bleed frame doesn't allow clips all the way to into the corner.


Here is a photo album link showing the twisting with pliers  https://photos.app.goo.gl/wA55pTn43REdSK0k2


I hope this helps and again, please call us for assistance.


PS........thank you to Rocco and Spectrum Maine for supporting the SignComp tensioning system!!





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