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    Fine art. I'm a painter and graphite artist. Music...drums, guitar, vocals. I LOVE my family.

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    Mac user with LXi for a 30" Panther cutter. All the usual graphic arts programs and training. 34 years in the sign industry.
  1. Well...it's a great site WC and KG!! And it's good to share experiences and war stories. No matter what. :war: ~Gear
  2. Hey there, Yeah, it's been my experience that most electrical guys in this trade are pretty "to themselves" about their part of the industry. Most are really cool dudes. Some are complete self righteous jerks and know-it-alls that hate designers. One of the favorite sayings of a formerly well known Tubebender in Seattle: He used to shut off his burners and walk toward the "head" and say, "Well, I gotta go create a Signhanger." Oh.....And ALL of them hate architects. ~Gear
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