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  1. I just got a gas price changer from "Hyoco" out of Irvine, CA we did a set of 18" Red (Character was 18" cabinet size was like 26" tall x 50") the cost for two panels (master / slave) was a bout $2500 freight imcluded. They had green available for a couple hundred more. Dunno if this is what BP uses but the price & quality was good.
  2. You are not suggesting that they logon with different names and that they might actually be LED companies??? Now that would be disingenious - wouldnt it? Shouldn't somebody go after Nglantz if they are carrying a product that violates patents? They are the exclusive distributor, and an American based Co. I think neon has stood the test of time, don't they have a sign museum full of them w/ original glass? I'm worried LED is going to kill the service side of the industry... and if no young people get passed along the art of bending because LED is cheaper that would be a shame.
  3. I will be there. chubby is right tho- last year was too much on wraps and digital printing - didn't see too much from lighted sign vendors, or equipment manufactures Ali
  4. Can't acrylic and polycarbonate be recycled as regular plastic? May need to be cut down for the transfer stations to take them Ali
  5. signstop

    golf ball..

    this is all LEDs, and Fore Seasons is red, dunno why it looks so amber in this pic?
  6. signstop


    What are the star shaped turnbuckles on the canopy?
  7. I can't comment on the bureaucratics of the industry, or on the "association" (which I didn't know existed, sounds elitist, don't see a reason to ever join..) But as for new blood entering the lighted sign market, your pretty accurate, I've been on other message boards, and whenever I try to post a question about anything lighted, I get that same arms folded mentality - instead of help, I get responses that try to convince me I shouldn't be in this market.. Haven’t enough experience. I have seen the same thing happen to other posters as well, which is why I appreciate this board so much. I t
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