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  1. what color is it? if it's a mercury-orange, then Gary is correct. usually it's moisture--the electrode emitters can absorb a lot, but only so much. I'm guessing the electrodes are burning very hot on this tube.... Garett
  2. By far the best company and best boss I ever had the pleasure to work for (back in the early 90's).
  3. anyone who mentions 'extortion' will have their legs broken. ;)
  4. Hi Ron, The point is, sometimes the electrodes are cherry red, some times only one is, somtimes the timing was bad and the glass gets overheated before the trodes are up to the proper temperature. sometimes the trodes are cherry too soon. Sometimes they are burned with carbon reduction, sometimes they sputter metal debris into the tube. The Neon Roy (Electra) eliminates all this guesswork. the bombarding is now done at a higher pressure with the only purpose of heating the glass, and not a single thought into heating the electrodes. The Electra does that. perfectly. every. time! The
  5. Hi Ron, The glass is heated by either an oven, or by electric bombarding. but now our 'bombarding' currents are much lower, so you can use 2-4 60mA neon transformers if you want to. otherwise you can use a regular bombarder. After the glass is hot, open up the main stopcock and then use the Neon Roy (Electra!) to process the electrodes. Done! Because you are not trying to time the temperature of the glass with the proper processing of the electrodes, the pumping process is much, much easier. You still need the vacuum system of course to remove impurities. Let me know if you have any mo
  6. Hi Ron, The idea of the Neon Roy (Electra)is to eliminate the #1 problem with neon quality: bad electrode processing. Electrodes can (and are regularly) -under processed -over processed -unevenly processed all of which have dramatic effects on the appearance, loading and life of a tube. A skilled operator can process electrodes correctly 99% of the time, but I have seen 20-year veterans send out units with black rings on the ceramic. bad!!! Plus, you can easily put a 60mA electrode on 10mm glass with no difficulty at all. We use 60mA electrodes on just about everything now. and You can pro
  7. I hear you, Brian-- I can guarantee once you have a Neon Roy you'll wonder how you did without it! Let me know what I can do to help change your mind~ Garett
  8. Hey All, Yes, ol' Garett is a little rusty on the glass work! I don't get to light up the fires as often as I used to. That electrode is *processed*, not unpumped. Over the years I have grimly grown accustomed to seing carbon stains on the ceramic from other's neon. Never happens with the Neon Roy! It's not just cosmetic, the carbon depisition layer has a higher voltage drop, which results in a hotter electrode and energy losses. The NovaGlo electrodes are among the highest quality I've seen. The mica on the ceramic crimp is a nice touch. the shells seem to be nice and heavy, the pinch seal
  9. Well, guess I'm early then. Someone stole your name - Well, it IS my half birthday! Hope you are well, Gary- Garett
  10. Not this Garett! mine's 3-11. Garett
  11. Better pictures, videos are on the way--but the Tutorial is a great idea.... Thanks for the kind words, everyone-- Garett
  12. OK Guys, yes I'm busy and I don't catch everything...! (but should have...) I have been working on the imminent release of the "Roy 1500", the first major product offering from Fluxeon. What 'saneon' is using is a variation called the 'Neon Roy'. This version is different than the multi-purpose Roy 1500--it's designed to do just one thing--convert neon and cold cathode electrodes. The output head is in the form of a pistol-grip wand, and contains the resonating electronics and the ferrite concentrator. The electronics cause very large currents to flow into the ferrite, which has a gap
  13. "Power is only suited to those who are reluctant to accept it" Plato identified one of the Catch-22's of democracy. Those who seek power should never be trusted with it...for very long, at the very least. Sure it's true that the same folks reenlist themselves, whether in politics or associations. I think it's that way because there is no effort to bring in new talent, and no willingness to forbid multiple terms. Not to say it can't be done in bylaws or by congress, but there's a new catch-22: who is in charge of making such changes?! the people who would be adversely affected by them. M
  14. After being president you should be sent to walk the cursed Earth, bringing law to the lawless, like in Judge Dredd!
  15. When the government gives you property rights but can tell you what you MUST do with it under penalty, that is the definition of... Fascism. Garett
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