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  1. Agreed Sign Lady My wife will be working also
  2. So tempting!
  3. Hey guy I am looking for some flood lights for a monument. I would like to be able to program different colors for different occasions example pink for breast cancer awareness month etc. I hope someone has some good ideas. If there is a product that sits down in a well can flush with the ground with a glass top like some flag pole lights that would really be a plus.
  4. SHARP!!!!!!!
  5. I bought a super nice 3' long heater/bender on ebay for next to nothing.
  6. Eraser wheel we get them at the local body shop supply for around 19 bucks The only way to go
  7. The composite decking material might work
  8. Hmm just received the new issue of SOT and there were no letters to the editor printed hmmmm
  9. Yep Happy Birthday! brewmaster
  10. Oh spanked by Telford!
  11. Same person watching over their email that watches over Signweb
  12. Still SOT remains silent ................................................
  13. I would think SOT is getting tons of emails on this. They are being awfully quiet though. My guess they are trying to put a damage plan together.
  14. I hope someone on the SOT staff gets on here and reads this. She should be fired or made to print a retraction in the next issue. I hope the advertisers pressure SOT to can her. I started a post on Signweb in the general discussion feel free to chime in.