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  1. What paint do you prefer for painting PVC routed letters indoor use.
  2. I know, but I also know that I don't need a 100K Multicam
  3. OK I have been kicking around the idea of getting one. Didn't want to spend a huge amount on first one.
  4. If buying today would you buy a shopbot again?
  5. List of equipment and prices?
  6. Most of the ones that have ask us, have company regulations requiring a certified operator on company property.
  7. We do crane lifts for a lot of HVAC units and trusses, and have been asked to see our certification card by several plant managers.
  8. I will say though that we did learn quite at bit in the classroom portion not so much in the actual operation.
  9. That is exactly what I was stating. Those that follow the rules are saddled with extra fees and cost, while those that don't make more money and bid jobs cheaper as they have much less overhead. Never once did I say a cert. made you a better crane operator. Those HACKS will not even get a cert. when it does come into effect. I think I must have worded my initial statement wrong. We couldn't wait until the last minute to see if it actually was going to take affect, and then scramble to get certified before getting fined. That was my bitch. So not fussing at you Angie!
  10. Dude, what the hell?
  11. Twitt, since I do not know what that is, I will assume no. Do you still need a tissue?
  12. KISS MY ASS how about that? Yes there are tons of untrained hacks out there. When good companies pay to follow the rules and then have to compete with HACKS that don't have all the extra costs involved with proper licenses, permits, certifications it pisses me off. If you want to do biz that way, be my guest. I guarantee you the majority of guys on here can't stand unlicensed/certified HACKS.
  13. Again screwing all the honest companies that spent the money and time to get certified. The untrained sign hacks are laughing as they didnt have to spend a nickle to be legal. BULL SHIT
  14. I read an article stating OSHA was prob going to extend crane cert until November 2018. Have any of you heard or read that?
  15. Agree with Gary on dirty tube. Could try burning in again but prob will have shorter life span.