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  1. I read an article stating OSHA was prob going to extend crane cert until November 2018. Have any of you heard or read that?
  2. Agree with Gary on dirty tube. Could try burning in again but prob will have shorter life span.
  3. I'm not nearly as shy after a few shots
  4. Didn't open a cart..... too lazy lol
  5. Lol you crack me up.
  6. We have had jobs that we were told to paint over the whole face and not remove vinyl.
  7. Love it!
  8. yes I would. If not how do you explain to the customer when a size change is not free. Keep things simple.
  9. damned if I don't !!!
  10. Agreed just send me a bill
  11. Very well thought out and great explanations. I'm guessing a few were pissing themselves at the thought of this going to print.
  12. I refuse to read the new editor's politically tainted garbage
  13. Agreed Sign Lady My wife will be working also
  14. So tempting!