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  1. Needing some H DIVIDER and thought there was a member of the SS that dealt in extrusion. Give me a shout

    Very true Paul
  3. Signs Of The Times - April 2018

    Great editorial
  4. Brian

  5. Dreaded porcelain tile

    I don't know of anything else brother, good luck charge for that time
  6. LOL I have one for ya. I was given a job to take down a sign and cut the 10 inch pole off at ground level and weld a base plate on it for a new sign I ask them to send me the specs for the base plate so I could have it done by the time the new sign arrived. They sent me the plate specs and drawing. When we went to install the new sign the sign plate was not even close to what we welded on. When I called the PM she stated the specs she sent me "were just for reference" HUH? Needles to say they had to pony up some money to fix the mess.
  7. We very seldom go. Only when looking for a new printer, basically that is all that is there. We view trade shows as a great way to meet up with friends and B.S. with them in person more than for the new "technology"
  8. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    Luckily we have the luxury of deciding not to go out in the stuff unless and emergency. There is some benefit to being the owner. It will be hell the first few days we go out though. So far no customers are bitching they are all pretty reasonable
  9. Our new router

    Congratulations! Thinking about getting one but not nearly as nice as that one to start
  10. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    you guys and your warm pics can kiss my butt!!! -2 here today
  11. Anybody want to help with some service work
  12. What paint do you prefer for painting PVC routed letters indoor use.
  13. routers

    I know, but I also know that I don't need a 100K Multicam
  14. routers

    OK I have been kicking around the idea of getting one. Didn't want to spend a huge amount on first one.