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    Brian Phillips
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    Express Sign & Neon llc
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    Camping and horseback riding
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    (2) 16' Trailers<br />
    Miller Wire welder - Alum and Steel<br />
    Gas portable Welder<br />
    Graphtec Cutter<br />
    54" Mimaki digital printer<br />
    In house neon shop<br />
    1 acre storage lot<br />
    International tractor w/bucket and auger

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  1. Brian

    Vegas Sign Convention

    Dang it did sneek up
  2. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    Lol. Guys I'm not shitting when I say nothing like that here. Small community. Looking for input on shopbot vs industrial CNC. Not buying a 50-100k machine not interested in that at all.
  3. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    No one that I trust not to poach my clients. That's why I want to go bare bones at the beginning. I thought there were shopbot users one here.
  4. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    Oh I totally understand what you are saying paul, but I just simply can't swing that price tag.
  5. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    Also a used shopbot PRT.
  6. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    Looking at one from industrial CNC
  7. Brian

    CNC Router questions

    At first just a few jobs now and then so want to get a 4x8 with just what we need no fluff.
  8. Looking at getting a router. Will use to cut acrylic and carve HDU. What are the features I should look for? Looking at some used ones and very confused.
  9. Brian

    Crane Certification Update?

    Paid ISA to take the Course the first time around and expired before the damn rule took effect. Just pissed away money
  10. Brian

    Crane Certification Update?

    How many times now have we heard "Starting in November"
  11. Brian

    Can't fix stupid

    LED's so simple a dummy can do it
  12. Brian

    Crane Certification Update?

    delayed again
  13. Needing some H DIVIDER and thought there was a member of the SS that dealt in extrusion. Give me a shout