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  1. Sign God

    A sore subject

    P'owNed! Typical, the poodle gets banned and now he's on signweb crying like a little girl for not getting his way. lmao
  2. Sign God

    SBI, SOT or DS&G for March 2011

    Ain't that some shit Erik? I looked back at the question he posed for everyone, didn't like the reply he got at first then decided to delete the whole thing. I remember from our talk along time ago you said they will try to ignore this site and pretend it doesn't exist, but they only could for so long. The time where they can only ignore the inevitable is finally here huh? Glad to see the folks here pulling through, using the SS for the layout and battle plan room. The organizer didn't like the angry letters from the members here who have had enough. Give credit to the good people here. Keep it up people! Where the hell do you find these pictures? HHAHAAHAA
  3. Sign God

    SBI, SOT or DS&G for March 2011

    LMFAO Erik, good one!
  4. Sign God

    Happy B-day Garett

    What up Big G!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Sign God

    Who's OLD

    In then you have the ones that just like to instigate.
  6. Sign God

    Signs Of The Times - July 2010 Issue

    Nice, nice nice
  7. Sign God

    New Look

    Hey man nice new look! Love it! This for 4th of July only....or?
  8. Sign God

    Off Topic - What is Your Hobby?

    I play Dungeons and Dragons......
  9. Sign God

    SignMedia Magazine - May 2010

    She holds a PHD in 3M wrap certification...everyone knows that. Get with it guys!
  10. Well, Heeeeellooooo

  11. Sign God

    So Sad

  12. Sign God

    advice request

    Then you have some time to become a Vendor here so you can keep us updated and telling us about it.
  13. Sign God

    advice request

    Spammer! Trying to get us to look at xxx.com porn We went from Estimate to Cyrius. It's a more expensive program and you're limited in invoice you can do per month unless you pay more. But might be worth looking into. My old boss said we wondered what the hell he was doing before he ever had it. So you might want to peep it out
  14. Sign God

    Board Changes, starting today

    Finally got that tutorial section up? It only took a couple of years!
  15. Sign God

    Some Humor - Walk of No Shame