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  1. Thanks Erik, I see it all the time faces and returns the same color.Looks black streaks.Really bad on small chucky letters.White or light colored cans is best.
  2. Got a job designed by an architect. The specs are halo lit channel letters.Black face and returns installed to a white eifs background. My concern is that it will be hard to read,black letters that make a black shadow, especially at a slight angle. Also concerned that the eifs will absorb the light and not make decent halo. I'm thinking of proposing white or brushed letters mounted to a dark colored panel. What do you think?
  3. Also there is this looks to good to true http://www.ebay.com/itm/Welch-1397-DuoSeal-Vacuum-Pump-/162006888090
  4. Mine went bad about 10 years ago would not pull enough.At the time welch had a rebuild program.If I remember it was about $750. Might want to look into that.
  5. Good thing the car was there or the crane would have been completely flipped over. I guess somebodys got some explaining to do.
  6. Wow that was funny. Must of been more like bizarre to see it in person. But look at all the money he saved in ratchet straps
  7. There are many books and a lot of information on the web about sign construction. I don't think their is one book that covers all the answers about sign construction techniques. If you don't have an experienced designer/fabricator on board you have to do your own research,research and more research. I think many may have not replied because it's is funny question. It's like saying"I want to be a brain surgeon"Can someone tell if there is a book that shows me how. If you have a particular question I am sure there are many folks here that will help you out.
  8. They want to meet and talk about their specific installation needs.Ha This bugs me big time. What about the small guys payment needs. I wish I could attend but I can't. We don't finance these people anymore. I am a sign company not a bank that loans money. I still get inquiries every week and I respond with it will be xx amount of money send the check with the sign and we will install. Not one of them has said yes to this. I was having a good day till I read this.
  9. Might want to think about moving.This was us in NJ just last week
  10. Reminds me of my younger days as a sign installer. Ever been on a job when the bucket could not reach something and the only thing to do was put the extension ladder in the bucket ?
  11. Good article. Talks about neon and led http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2015/03/trenton_sign_maker_leaves_his_mark_in_lights_glass_1.html
  12. UFB, We do about 12 channel or box signs a year. Tell me about the methods for a listed shop to doc and label a sign. Does Ul permit this ? We have already paid for the first year(not the inspections that will be coming up) maybe this is something for us to consider for next year.
  13. Eric I guess I could sub it out but I am so used to making my own stuff and it keeps an employee busy. UFB Problem is I never know how picky the electrical inspector is going to be. Job I am doing now the ahj wants a photo of the labeling that clearly show the file numbers etc.
  14. Eric $3050 plus 4 inspections @ $480ea.=$4970 Quote for next year $1480 for the year plus 4 inspections $3400 What hurts is I only do about 1 set of channel letters or box a month. Bright side is is I don't have to bite my nails when the electrical inspectors are looking at the work.
  15. We dumped UL about 8 years ago when they started sending us outrageous bills. Got a big channel letter job coming up in very strict town so we decided to get back on board. They went from $2,000 a year to $5,000 OUCH
  16. The word bid makes me shudder. Especially when they say they are going "Award" the project to the lowest bidder. I think word of mouth is the best
  17. We don't do much of this kind of work because of this very same thing. I tell them up front in a very friendly way & with a smile on my face. "We would be happy to do your sign work for x amount of dollars. Send the check along with the sign.Tape it to the sign face for safe keeping" I won't go 13 ' in the air without some guarantee of payment. But holy cow do a job 130' and we will mail you a check whenever. No thanks And oh yeah spill the beans who is it ? Your secret is safe here
  18. Last thing I would get rid of is my neon bench. I don't do much neon anymore.Couple of repairs now and then. Tube benders are dropping like flies. I am keeping my bench and equipment for retirement. When I am the last tube bender standing I will be getting big bucks for my hard earned skills
  19. I will work for any of these people as long as they pay in advance. Want me to install a sign for you ? Send the cash along with the sign..Put the cash in the raceway for safe keeping. I will get it done ASAP
  20. Sounds like you are looking for someone to run the company. How much will you pay some one with all the experience you want ?
  21. Looks like the vehicle won.And now somebody has some sign work to do
  22. Just installed this channel letter job in strip mall for a dance studio. Customer sent this picture and said the sign is casting a unusual shadow through the window onto the center of the floor where the students rehearse
  23. Imagine if the nationals got the same response from everyone they contacted.
  24. This topic really annoys me. We don't work for the big boys anymore because of our policies. Want us to install a sign? Fine send the sign and send the check along with it(put it inside the raceway for safe keeping) Want us to do a survey ? Fine we will do the survey and send you a link to it after you pay. None of these big boys ever agree to our terms but we don't care. I am so sick and tired of hearing"can you go service this sign it needs a transformer replaced and the budget for this is $200" NO THANKS Rant over
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