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  1. We just love this trim cap I thought I would mention. I've never used it before but the guys have missed it. Keep it coming!
  2. Why did the "Fraggle" Mardeen Gordon of California Sign Group write this??? Let's take a key phrase out of the quote above, "it is up to each of us to stay informed". What did she just do there? Do you think she even has a clue of her own article? WE should stay INFORMED??? Well, how contradicting in a one sided article written with no opposing or different viewpoint! How much do these "Fraggles"get paid for writing these infomercials? I want to know what cost is involved for one to sell their own soul and industry out in a heart beat in order to write an article where one has to invoke fear to promote another product, and get the willingness to hold out your hand to get paid to do such. Yes, LED's are a nice option to have or offer depending on the application, WE all in the sign or lighting industry get that, but you don't have to invoke or resort to FEAR or GUILT tactics or ask others to view your Unicorn Ranch in order to sell them. Products should be able to sell themselves based on their own merit. I feel bad for some of the LED people who spent the time contributing to this article, not sure if they knew how much of a "BOMB out of an article" this would turn out to be or come across to professionals reading it (Not to say I'm calling myself one, I'm just a reader with some knowledge, giving my opinion). Here' one to another "useful idiot", enjoy the Kool-aid Mardeen Gordon! No wonder why Sign & Digital Graphics is DEAD last in out Trade Magazine Poll But, they do it to themselves. I can help them out with that though... We just had a salesmen come into our facility trying to sell us LED's to replace our 2 lamp fixtures. He ws telling us our current fixtures use 200 watts each hahaha, boy did we have fun with him. Good call Erik about these companies needing to make bs sales points to sell their goods. btw, get season tix this year?
  3. HHAHA, sign me up, i'll talk to the bossman! We got a shipment in from interstate and I know we pay a lot higher than that. Willl call neighbor??
  4. Good morning!!!

  5. Depressed Mode? Oh give me a gun now ....j/k, their classic
  6. Here is where i think it all started Randy http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=3179 LMFAO at the article redo Eric!
  7. You have two dates! Its been years since I've seen them
  8. Finally got my greasy mitts on this issue......scary stuff to spread around and promote if you ask me. We write a lot of the major shopping center sign programs around town.... from time to time a landlord will call us to do a private inspection on a sign they approved from a vendor and we will see even these wholesale bought signs installed completely wrong......last month I saw bare GTO with splice boxes :emot-LOL: .....the GTO was arcing out on some wooden studs that had nails in it which were I guess connected to that wire meshing used between the plywood and stucco......the people hey get to install this stuff......un-F'nk-believable! Good job magazine gal Amanda beat writer of the year!
  9. I didn't even get the chance to show at isa and i'm still getting spammed.....thanks for coming by our booth
  10. I'm gonna have to pullout guys......work is slow and I have other priorities that must come first. Hopefully next year... Have a beer for me! Erik..I updated the rsvp to give you more room
  11. Love Dick's----Good Pick Erik!
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