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  1. 24" Vinyl Cutter

    Actually it's comparable to this: http://www.signwarehouse.com/specials/Lplus_packg.htm which start at $1000 and don't include stand.
  2. 24" Vinyl Cutter

    Any offers? Please, I need this thing out of the way!!!
  3. 24" Vinyl Cutter

    I'd like to get $800 for the cutter, stand, and vinyl, plus shipping. I still have the original boxes. I couldn't find a name brand but it says Cutting Plotter PII-60 on the underside plate. I know it's not a stepper motor (I can't remember the name of the other one but it's not a stepper). It hasn't been used that much, I only did three of my trucks and my churches sign. I'll ship it UPS ground unless someone would like it sent another way.
  4. 24" Vinyl Cutter

    24" vinyl cutter w/stand and media rollers. I'm not sure what brand it is. I have the software and software key and I'll throw in some vinyl. Entertaining offers.....
  5. Check Up And Letters

    i'm not coming off price or anything, if i don't get it, it won't break me, but I sure would like to get 50 trucks The first time I talked to her it went real well... today she sounded like a price shopper.
  6. Check Up And Letters

    Well, called today... They are a copier repair company she told me that they were probably going to mull over it for a couple more weeks, and for some reason she mentioned that they have a couple of clients who do the same thing and yada yada.... didn't sound too good
  7. Check Up And Letters

    Tomorrow (Mon) will be a day under a week... figure thats long enough?
  8. Two questions. 1-I had a company call me last Tuesday about signs for trucks that they have. I feel that my price is good, and that I may have an advantage in that the trucks are all take home trucks, and I am willing to be flexible and do this over a weeks time (rotating in vehicles during the day at their office) She was to give the information to her boss who would make a decision, they sounded like they wanted it done soon. Should I give a follow up call? How should I do it? How do I approach it? Would I be too pushy in a follow up? 2 - Have ya'll ever asked for some sort of a reccomendation letter after the job is finished?
  9. Magnetics - Into The Wind!

    Mike - A friend of mine sent me that photo of the Cowasaki.. he said "our fleet will be converted to these, we are currently searching for a vet to add trailer hitches" ouch!
  10. I've got a customer who uses contractors for his roadside assitance program. He had some magnetic signs before but he said they kept flying off the vehicles. They were ovals, I don't have dimensions but they were horizontal, about pickup door size in width. My question, would the flying off problem have anything to do with them being oval? I'd hate to make the same ones again and look just as dumb.... (not that I don't usually anyhow)
  11. Used Vinyl

    I warned ya'll about buying from SignWarehouse...
  12. SignForums.com

    When I lived in Athens, I was a home remodeler, part of my client list was a bunch of rental homes, landscape and repair... I was part of a landscapers site, the no ball twerp that ran that site claimed thousands of members, but when you looked through the member list, 1,495 of the 1,500 he claimed only signed up, looked around, and never came back.
  13. New Gas Signs

    I did the math, and the Beretta gets 25 mpg, and the Toyota gets 28mpg... the Beretta is 40% better at mileage than the F-150. Over the past three months, if I had been driving one of these two vehicles rather than the F-150, I would have saved enough money to buy both of these vehicles... (40% of past 3 months fuel bill)
  14. New Gas Signs

    I never thought I'd do it... but I was looking through the books the other day, and came do a desision. Fuel is taking too big a hunk out of profits. So I am selling the F-150 (not the bucket truck) and I've bought a Chevy Beretta for running around and sales, and a Toyota compact pickup for delivery and installs.