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  1. I may take you up on that Geraldi. Par for the course, a franchise that has our numbers rather tight with little margin so the install price, while I think fair, doesnt leave much in the way of wiggle room. If we should need some direction I will contact you. Thanks.
  2. I am searching for a qualified installation crew for two channel letter sets in Walton, KY. If anyone is interested or has a good company to suggest please let me know.
  3. On my weekend days alone at the shop it is blues as loud as I can take it. During hours I have always felt it should be oldies or country. I think these two styles are the ones that are basically accepted by everyone that may come through my shop at any given time. I dont mind the guys listening to other music styles, I just ask that they put headphones on to listen to their music or turn it down/off when someone comes through.
  4. YYZ, thanks for the tip. I can see this being used quite often and saving time to boot. Holysemolians, so you still cant get the machine to work correctly and it seems that you intend to send it back, good for you. I would do the same. If it doesnt work out of the box the first time and you have the seller fussing with you about it should have sent out a loud and clear signal to you to back out of the deal, awhile ago in my opinion. Personally I feel that this Fancher can save himself by giving a full refund. The customer is still unhappy about the deal and the people that have kept up with this thread most likely will not purchase this machine, but nobody will be able to say the buyer got f**ked over the deal. Good luck!
  5. I have been trying to keep up with this thread if only to see how it turns out for the buyer. I think we all got sucked into feeling sympathy for the guy. After all he spent too much money, in my opinion, on what I figure to be a simple machine and felt that he was getting the shaft as it didnt work out of the box, didnt have clear instructions and couldnt get proper technical support. It came off to me that the seller basically said "what did you do wrong" from the get go. I dont get that type of attitude coming from a seller. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Even if the buyer may have started the complaint with a chip on his shoulder the seller should have swallowed his pride and tried his very best to help the buyer out. No doubt in my mind that even if something was wrong with the machine there would be no admission to it by the seller. So I say "thank you Holysemolians, for allowing us to see your particular struggle with easychannelletters. And to helping those that may find themselves in the market for a return marking machine, to be able to make a better informed decision as to who to purchase from." This is what I think the main point of the thread to be. The drama and such was simply an extra perk. Personally I dont care for the back and forth drama, make sure to get the last word crap, but I am very interested to read how this turns out. To see that the buyer gets the working product, to see whether or not the seller actually takes care of his customers. I feel I already have the answer to one question, hopefully the buyer will let us know how he turns out to answer the other.
  6. 1- He is a sign guy 2- He is a neon guy 3- Well that is enough for me I dont need to know anything from a urinie test. The dude aint right on merit alone.
  7. Looking for a couple qualified service/install technicians for work in east central Illinois. Good company that has been around since 1944. For more information contact: Travis Eastin 217-359-6696 or email/fax resumes: teastin@americandowell.com 217-359-0803
  8. Well you seem to be savy with servicing neon and such, I could have something for you doing service or install work.
  9. What are the definitions of the categories?
  10. I am wondering if anyone knows of anyone fresh out of a bending program or a few years into bending that would be looking for a job in east central illinois? I am in search of a flexible bender/processor/general sign person.
  11. I dont know her man. A woman can be like a car, when they get to demanding it is time to start looking around and planning the trade in. Sure you can fix it this time, such as to get a babysitter for the night, but eventually it just wont be cost effective to keep paying the mechanic. Just a thought.
  12. Thats a fair explanation concerning the wire length, thanks yyz. However if I we installing the led strands and didnt know that I should expect some wire slack I would install the modules without slack between. Would the lighting be improper with this? As for Ventex and potential issues that you see with their system, there is no doubt in my mind that Ventex is covering their bases on UL and such. I would have a hard time believing that they would go into this just to have a product on the market. This is just my opinion thought.
  13. I noticed that Ventex power supply in there with led's. Now I see the two face in my coming out. I have dropped transfrormer manufacturers, message boards and such because I didnt believe in stocking using something that had been so pro neon suddenly jump on the led train. But I have to say that with my justified confidence in Ventex's transformers I would have to believe that an led line from them should follow suit. Now I noticed a few of the led slots had the wire between the modules not at full length. Does this mean that the leds in these slots are not designed for your set up therefore you have the wrong led from the particular manufacturer in there? Without going back to find exactly what your project specs are I want to think that you are basically making channel letter slots with the standard 5" depth and standard white acrylic, right?
  14. I am just curious who folks think is at fault for the recent credit collapse and need for the bail out, civilians, government or creditors?
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