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    Signs by Crannie, Inc.
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    Flint Michigan
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    1-118' Manitex Crane, 2-55' Elliotts, 1-60' Elliott, 42' Altec, Bobcat w/Auger, Flatbed trailers, 2 yd Dump truck, Pick-ups, Router table, 18,000 sq.ft. Full Fab Shop, Welders, Generators, Neon, EMC's, 50' Paint booth, Design Dept, Vinyl Dept, Design, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance.
  1. Signs by Crannie does some wholesale manufacturing if you are looking for high end fit and finish, but if you are looking for cheep we are not your guys. In the process of redoing a couple of large theater marquees at this time. Check us out on the web at... www.signsbycrannie.com
  2. This is a very common occurance unfortunately, ALL businesses need to have a checks and balance, business is business not the honor system. This woman was obviously trusted, those are the ones that get you the worst. Don't wait until it's too late, Someone needs to be checking the checker!
  3. Sullaway engineering is out of California but they specialize in signs and are licensed in all the states. Very good, 858-312-5150 britta@sullawayeng.com
  4. Paul, Yesco has a really nice old sign truck in their Las Vegas office. Model T I believe.
  5. will have to say, Dan is the best man i have ever worked for. If your looking for a great company to work for, that will treat you well, call this man!

  6. We love our 55'-60' Elliotts (3) but our "others" are a 118' Manitex and a couple of 42' Altek buckets.
  7. I am looking for a Installer or Service tech in our SW Florida location, just need one or the other but an all round signman would be great. Re-locate to sunshine year round! 800-973-0200 Must have experience on bucket/crane trucks

  8. Signs by Crannie has sign technitions experienced in LED and EMC service and repair. Also factory trained on WatchFire EMC's Mid-Michigan 810-487-0000 Ft Myers, Florida 239-482-6800
  9. I took a look at both Hanson and Gable websites, nice work on both of them. It's always a pleasure to see professional sign creations, WELL DONE GUYS!
  10. Because I picked the two most economically strapped states in the country to do business in!! (Mi. & Fl.) and had to get back to the customers (feels good), but I will try to contribute more often.
  11. Thanks guys, I read but don't often chirp in, always interesting.
  12. We are at the very end in an industrial park so not a great place to display our talent. We show off by taking the customers through our 18,000 sq. ft. plant and seeing many other signs in process.
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