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  1. victorysignny


  2. We dropped ours last year and have not seen any decrease in business. Phone books are a thing of the past. Internet is were its at, any business worth working for has the internet and smart phones.
  3. We rolled and brushed. The paint was benjamin moore hp super spec. It took 3 coats.
  4. I agree but when she said "Environmentally Friendly", I think she is referring to the power consumption savings. This was the first time we used Sloan Flex tube and it was tedious to get the flex where it needed to be.
  5. Here is another great link. The media has really supported the sign industry on this story. My link
  6. Thank You. No we were not able to remove the letters because of political reasons. We had to do all the work in the air. We removed a whole pickup of electrical stuff from the old neon. We sanded the 60 year old metal letters with 80 grit vibe sanders. We primed all bear metal and painted with three coats of enamel paint. We also did the same for the steel frame. We used a 125ft lift to reach the sign. The worst part is it rained almost every day for the three weeks we worked. I will send pictures this week.
  7. What does every one think? It stinks we didn't get the opportunity to install neon, but the sloan LEDS do look great. Thousands come out to support the lighting of an iconic piece of the city of Auburn history. Not to mention the restoration of a sign style that is disappearing. Check out the link. My link
  8. Gary all the Walmarts in our area are using gexpro power supplies not sure what the leds are I will ask my guys in the morning if they know and get back to you. All the pylon signs in our area are lit with 400w mh hids.
  9. HID question. Does anyone know the advantage of using a dry cap versus a oil filled cap?
  10. Magnetic. I would say 70/30 Lamps fail at a higher rate then ballast . Depending on the application most pole lights are 400. Most under canopy lights are 250. Security wall packs are 250 and 175. Manuel If your leaning towards an led alternative to MH we are very interested. Lsi and bata have good products but they only sell to lighting supply houses cutting us out of the equation. If we want to sell them we have to mark up retail prices.
  11. I agree inspectors know very little about leds. The way I understand NEC If you pass thru an exterior wall you need to protect the wire. We always use MC it makes bonding easy and it looks clean and professional.
  12. We like Universal ballast and salvania lamps. We have used all the name brands in the past and they all seem to work well.
  13. Can anyone recommend a brand or have experience using LED parking lot lights and led under canopy lights?
  14. Paul, This is a joke. Last month I got a 49% increase and immediately complained and wanted to know why. The state insurance fund reasoning was JUST BECAUSE, everyone is going to pay more. In 11 years of business I have never had a claim. I don't know if it is this way all across the country but the increase in cost to due business is getting out of control. Taxes, Insurance, Osha, Ul, EPA, DOT. Over the last year we have been forced to lay off two part time guys and one of my four service/install guys. Don't take me wrong, business is booming but it is struggle to continue to turn a profit an
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