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  1. Hello Nick! We manufacture these types of signs, maybe we can help you out with your project? See attached. Maybe we can discuss? 

  2. Hi - We are looking to start an ongoing relationship with a freelance vinyl wrap installer we can send to job site to wrap vehicles and some interior graphics. We do have a project (short notice) on 9/15 that was booked for another installer but has dropped out. Please contact me if you are interested 914-384-7929, info@hudsonsignco.com Work is located within the NY, NJ and CT area.
  3. Selling our print plot lam set up. Mutoh 1324 Valuejet $4500 Mutoh sc1300 Valuecut $2000 GFP 60" heat assist laminator $3500 (brand new) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I wish NY was a right to work state. Would make a lot of work we approach a lot simpler. There are a lot of building in NYC that are controlled by union labor. Luckily a lot of them don't list signs as a trade for exterior maintenance. But we do pass up on a lot of interior work because of that. We were doing a phototex wall in a hospital a few months ago and there were wall plates for outlets that had to come off. One of my installers was barked at as he was taking out a screwdriver to take the plates off. We had to wait for a union electrician to come see what had to be done, issue a work
  5. Your right Eric NYC does not need union installers. But we are bidding on a canopy in a union controlled hospital construction site. All contracts require union labor on site. We can deliver to property line lol. I got yelled at for taking a tape measure out during a walk through haha
  6. UNION Installer/Rigger, NYC/Nassau County area. Title says it all. Please contact nick@hudsonsignco.com. Bid pack due soon, so would need to discuss ASAP.
  7. Noticed they're expanding here. Their corporate office says they're dealing with a national but lips are sealed as to who it is... They are Texas based.
  8. We have a project on a storefront similar to the one below. We need to install a sign and awning over areas that the only place to attach to would be the aluminum mullions. Sign panel is light so I think Tek screws will be substantial. My concern is the awning. Since the mullions are hollow considering using toggles. Anyone run into a situation like this?
  9. It's actually coming in this week. I'll post up some pics when we have it wrapped which wont be for a few weeks. She's going right to work!
  10. Yes. Our 97 ford just left. Picked up am 08 550 with a terex articulating unit on it
  11. Westchester County NY based Sign shop looking for Sign Maker/Installer. Should come with experience. Sign types include : Electric Non electric /painted Vehicle graphics Awnings Channel letters Cabinets Pin letters NOT looking for designers. Please email: hscojobs@gmail.com
  12. Well I got some numbers in and say far UL is the cheapest... .Waiting to speak with both UL and MET to see why they are $2k apart!
  13. We're a small company in NY state. Almost never are we required to have labeled electrical signs. We do not work in NYC. Few municipalities in the area have the requirement buried somewhere in their code but most inspectors don't even know what to look for or don't bother. Once or twice we've had to order signs from a listed shop in order to work in an area, but still made money, and it was only once or twice. Recently as we get referred more and more we've been coming across work that would have us manufacturing for other parts of the country where it is required, or work inside malls where
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