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  1. Here's something for you all to kick around that I found quite humorous>>>>>>>>510 watts for a 1530 ferro magnetic transformer, who are they kidding??? Ventex has fallen from grace, for a company who started out selling neon products why don't they state the truth and sell the idea to shops that sometimes the easiest option when lamps come close to end of life>>>>>>>retrofit with new lamps???? Browse over the the numbers they pull>>>>>>> Ventex Retrofit.pdf
  2. http://www.fastcodesign.com/1670993/wendys-gets-a-new-logo-will-the-pigtails-survive
  3. A power grab is exactly that!!!>>>>>>I'll comment at a later time when I can sort out the facts from the rumors but I will say it's like having someone kick down your front door and inviting themselves in to dinner>>>>
  4. Can you send me your product list please>>>>>>email or PM Thanks guys!!!>>
  5. Well stated and yes>>>>do keep it up. Hadn't thought about "Tradition" and where it's gone>>>thanks for making me think on that one
  6. 1) Those that have discontinued their membership to this forum have expressed their freedom of choice. Would you feel welcome in a room where you were attacked and labeled as a "do-nothing"? I remain because I still believe the best way engage an uninformed man is to help inform him. 2) I have dodged nothing. I have directly engaged in the subject and content of this thread. You might refresh yourself in Erik's original attack, "Why is it that every Sign Association is filled with a bunch of "Do Nothings" who are regurgitates/throwbacks from one Sign Association after the other??? Or serving
  7. I am absolutely beside myself to hear about association affiliated members canceling membership here=========and then have two presidents dodge duck & weave simple questions whether they agree with the content and position of this thread and take wild tangents elsewhere? Holy smokes!===============Nice of you to have neon in your profile photo too, how ironic. Most disturbing=========Keep up the good work Eric
  8. What a typical response you would expect to hear from a politician and not what you would expect from a association>>>>>I don't think they know how to address this.
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